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Understanding the New gPanel® API

Google administrators face numerous challenges when it comes to onboarding new employees and offboarding old ones. They’re responsible for adding users to groups, transferring documents, clearing calendars, resetting passwords, and more. 

All of these small tasks eat up an admin’s time, but what if there was a better way? 

With the new gPanel® Enterprise tier, there is: the gPanel API. 

This API allows for direct, machine communication with gPanel, enabling admins to integrate gPanel with other software and streamline workflows, freeing them from these repetitive tasks.


The Challenges of Onboarding & Offboarding

Onboarding a new employee involves multiple steps, such as creating a Google Workspace account, configuring organizational settings, adding users to groups, shared drives, and setting up email filters. 

Offboarding and decommissioning accounts can be equally complex with tasks like reassigning nicknames, transferring documents, and creating email dumps, often taking place over an extended period. Handling these processes accurately and securely can be challenging, especially in larger organizations with frequent employee turnover.

During onboarding and offboarding, administrators also often need to migrate or transfer data between user accounts or to and from external systems. This can be a delicate process, as data integrity, permissions, and privacy must be maintained.

Likewise, coordinating between IT teams, HR, and other departments is essential to ensure that user accounts are created, modified, or deactivated accurately and in a timely manner. Miscommunication or delays can lead to inefficiencies and security risks.


Introducing gPanel Enterprise & The gPanel API

The latest gPanel tier — Enterprise — helps administrators address these onboarding and offboarding challenges. gPanel Enterprise supercharges the software’s already robust feature set, allowing you to gain information about your domain beyond what Google offers. 

New reports like "Activities Shared Report (My Drive)" and "Activities Shared Report from Shared Drive (Public)" contain data beyond the six months of information retained by Google, helping administrators leverage data-driven analytics to make informed decisions and optimize their Google Workspace environment. 

You also gain access to the new gPanel API, which allows you to integrate your existing onboarding and offboarding processes with gPanel or even use gPanel by itself to simplify workflows and meet your organizational goals. 

Watch this short video from David Aulick, Practice Director, Infrastructure Modernization at Promevo, for a quick introduction to the gPanel API. 


Streamlining Onboarding with gPanel API

Imagine your company just hired a new employee, and they need a workspace account created along with all the necessary configurations. This can be a daunting task for each new employee added. 

With gPanel Enterprise's new API, you can set up a "New User Policy" through gPanel’s intuitive graphical user interface (GUI). These policies contain all the steps needed to onboard a new user. Then, when it's time to onboard a new employee, simply supply the gPanel API with the user's email address and the policy you want to apply. 

gPanel takes care of the rest; creating the user if they don't exist and executing all the actions set up in the policy. What was once many steps is now a single call to the gPanel API, saving you time and effort.

Using the gPanel API, you can also connect the gPanel platform to your existing HR and payroll systems. So, when a new user is created in Paycor, for example, that data is automatically pushed to gPanel and creates a Workspace account on your behalf. 


Simplifying Offboarding with gPanel API

Decommissioning a user can be just as challenging as onboarding, with tasks that may need to happen over time. gPanel's decommissioning processes come to the rescue. 

You can easily create a process that includes all the steps needed to offboard a user, and schedule each action to happen up to 365 days after the decommissioning process starts. With the gPanel API, you can trigger the decommissioning process with a single call, ensuring a smooth and efficient offboarding experience.

Likewise, the API allows you to connect gPanel with other available operational systems. If a user is removed from your HR or payroll system, for instance, the API can automatically trigger your decommissioning process in Google Workspace


Comparing the gPanel API with Other Solutions

You might be wondering how gPanel API stacks up against other solutions like Google Apps Manager (GAM). 

Unlike complicated installations that require knowledge of GCP, gPanel can be easily installed from the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Marketplace within minutes. 

Additionally, gPanel's clean and intuitive GUI means you can perform administrative tasks like setting up new user policies and decommissioning policies without any coding knowledge. 

Furthermore, gPanel provides enhanced security with customer roles that can delegate out any function of the gPanel application, allowing you to control access and protect your domain's data.


Get Started With the gPanel API

The gPanel API presents a practical and efficient solution to simplify onboarding and offboarding processes significantly. By automating repetitive tasks, admins can save valuable time and improve productivity. 

With a user-friendly interface, gPanel makes user management seamless and hassle-free, allowing admins to focus on more strategic aspects of their responsibilities. 

If you're interested in experiencing the power of the gPanel API, schedule a free demo. If you’re an existing customer, contact your dedicated Client Success manager to learn how easy it is to upgrade your current gPanel subscription. 


This article was written by Tanner Coffman, one of our talented Software Engineers. Tanner has been with Promevo since 2020 and works with our Development Team to ensure the gPanel platform stays current and relevant for our clients.  


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