In the action menu in the User Management section you have single user options and bulk user options without the need for CSV’s or visiting the individual user page.

Available actions


  • Add To Group

  • Remove From Group

  • Add Alias To Group


  • Set Organization

  • Suspend Users

  • Restore Users

  • Change gPanel Role

  • Force Password Reset

  • Share Contact With Directory

  • Add To User

  • Delete Users


  • Add Label

  • Enable/Disable IMAP

  • Enable/Disable POP


  • Approved Email Forwarding

  • Email Delegate

  • Email Forwarding

  • Email Monitor

  • Export Admin Logs

  • Export Personal Contacts

  • Externally Owned Docs

  • Gmail Breakdown Report

  • Last Login

  • License Types

  • Send As Addresses

  • Site Ownership

  • Storage Report

  • Super Admin

  • Suspended User

  • Two Factor Enrolled

  • User Profile

How to use the actions menu


1. Select the user or users in the list under user management by clicking the box next to their name.

2. Click the action button.

3. Choose an available action from the list.


4. Depending on the action you select, you may have a process button or you may need to enter a value before you can process.

5. Once done your action will be processed.