Contact Sync FAQ

A user has synced a contact group with me and now I have a tag on my contact that says gSync with a bunch of numbers, is this correct? 

This is a tag we create when syncing between users. DO NOT delete these tags, this is how we reference contacts generated by the sync.

When does contact sync run?

Your sync runs as soon as you create the sync job, and checks again daily to see if any modifications have been made to the source user's contacts.  If so, it updates the destination user as well.

Does the sync run when I add a destination user to an existing sync job?

No, the only times the sync runs are those listed above.

What happens if I delete a destination user out of a sync job? Will they retain all their contacts?

When a user is removed from a sync, all contacts AND the group created by the sync will be removed. If a destination user has created new contacts within that created group, the contacts will remain under the system group My Contacts but the sync group that was created will still be removed.

I added a user to an existing sync but the contacts and group didn't show up immediately like when I created my initial sync.

The sync job runs on a daily basis. As such, any users added after the initial sync will not immediately be synced to, but instead will be synced once the daily process runs.

Is the contact sync a bi-directional sync?

No, the contact sync feature syncs from one user's personal contact group to one or many users. Any changes made on the source user's group will be reflected in the destination user's contact group. Any changes made to the destination user's synced group will be overwritten with the source user's information. The only data that will not be changed are adds, any addition to the destination user's group will be unchanged.

Do I need to create the destination user's personal contact group to start syncing ?

No, the contact sync feature will automatically create the personal contact group on the destination user(s).

I created a one-to-one user contact sync but it is not showing up even if I click "Refresh Grid".

When adding a destination user you must click "Add User", even if that user is the only destination user. Otherwise your sync will not show up on the grid and it will not run. 

I get an "Invalid Destination User" error message when adding a user from my secondary domain.

At this time the contact sync feature only works for users on the primary domain.

Does contact sync work for Shared Contacts?

No, while there may be some overlap in Personal Contacts and Shared Contacts, the two contact methods are distinct from one another.