gPanel Devices Overview

The gPanel Devices module helps you stay on top of all of the devices within your organization and what data they can access. While you can access information on Devices through the Google Admin Console, the gPanel Devices module consolidates multiple menus into one overview so you never have to click more than once to find the information you need.


Mobile Management

First up in the gPanel Devices module is the Mobile Management section. Upon opening this section, you’ll see a list of registered mobile devices, such as a mobile phone or tablet. This list displays the user’s name, email, name of the device, Operating System of the device, type of device, last sync, and domain status of the device. Clicking on a device in the list opens a slide out menu with a more in-depth overview. You can filter this list to view a single user’s list of devices.

There are also three dots next to the device name which will bring up management options for the device. You’ll also have the ability to block a user from accessing their Google Workspace data on the device, delete the device entirely from the domain, remote wipe all of that user’s Google Workspace data, and view details of the device. For example, if an employee left their phone but knows the location, temporarily blocking the device will protect their Google Workspace data while the phone is away. You can remote wipe all data and delete the device from your domain if it is permanently lost.

Here's a pro tip! A remote wipe erases all of the user’s personal files from that device. We recommend a remote wipe only when you believe the device is permanently lost.

Device Management

Next in the gPanel Devices module is Device Management. There are a lot of similarities between Device Management and Mobile Management. The biggest difference is that Device Management is where you manage Chrome devices, instead of mobile phones or tablets. The columns in the device list are device serial number, status, asset ID, enrollment date, last sync, the device user’s name, last location, and any additional notes.

In the upper right hand corner you’ll see icons which represent available actions for devices. First, is the ability to take an action across multiple devices that you have selected. Please note that in order to take an action on multiple devices that have to have the same status. Next is the filter option which allows you to set parameters that you’d like to sort devices by. Lastly, is the clear filter option which erases any filters you have set. The gPanel Devices module allows for efficient managing of both mobile and Chrome devices under your domain giving you peace of mind.

Here's a pro tip! We suggest deactivating a device if it is lost but obtainable. This disables all access to Google Workspace data until it is recovered. If the device is permanently lost, we recommend deprovisioning the device from your domain. This prevents any sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands.

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