How To Add Chrome Licenses in gPanel

Before you begin

You cannot add Chrome licenses in gPanel if you currently have Chrome licenses through another partner or vendor. You have to transfer your licenses to Promevo before purchasing in gPanel. Transferring is a super simple process and if you are interested in transferring, please reach out to or call 888-380-1061 option 2.

How to add Chrome licenses in gPanel

1. On the left side navigation, hover over the dollar sign and click Billing.

If you do not see a menu like the one below, you may be currently set as a “User” within gPanel. If that’s the case, you’ll need to ask your domain administrator for access to gPanel. Especially if you are planning to complete more admin actions in the future.


2. This takes you to the subscriptions page. This page contains details about your Google subscriptions and is the billing home page.

3. Next, find the subscription that you would like to add licenses to and click anywhere in the white box.


4. Once you click anywhere in the white box, the subscription details will open. Click Add licenses.


5. Enter the amount of licenses you would like to add and click Continue.


6. Depending on your plan, you will be taken to a payment methods page. Select your preferred payment method for these additional licenses and click Continue.


7. Enter your Alternate Email and click Continue. This cannot be from the domain that you entered in the prior Primary Domain Name field. The purpose of this alternate email address is just so Google would be able to contact you for password changes, verifying identity, or if your Google Workspace domain were to go down for any reason. This email address will NOT be used for any marketing by Google or Promevo.


8. Lastly, review your order of additional licenses and click Confirm.