How To Set Up the Hangouts Meet Hardware Kit

Before you begin

These instructions are for Hangouts Meet Kits labeled "CN65." Display monitors are not included in this package.

The Hangouts Meet kit is a meeting solution designed for fast and effective video meetings for your conference rooms. With seamless Google Workspace integration, it’s affordable and easy to deploy. This new kit reduces installation overhead, minimizes maintenance costs, and it simplifies the meeting room by reducing the total cost of ownership.

The Hangouts Meet hardware kit has four parts:

  1. ASUS Chromebox

  2. Camera

  3. Controller

  4. Speakermic  

How to set up Hangouts Meet hardware kit

  1. First, connect the touchscreen, the speakermic, and the camera directly to the Chromebox or connect them to the Chromebox using qualified USB 3.0 hubs. Use the blue USB cable to connect the touchscreen directly to the Chromebox. DO NOT connect the power first. DO NOT plug the green HDMI cable from the touchscreen into the Chromebox (you plug this cable into your computer when you want to present content to the room only.)

  2. After you've connected the cables, you can connect to a power outlet and turn the device on.

  3. You will see an enrollment page once you turn the device on. You must use an on domain email address in order to enroll the device. Your email address will not be retained, it is simply used to connect the device to the required management license.

  4. After you've enrolled, the device will walk you through a setup process to ensure that you've properly set up the device in a physical sense. For example, setting up the camera placement.

  5. Once everything is properly setup, you're ready to join a meeting. You can either join from the calendar that is tied to the device or you can create a meeting yourself using the included touchscreen control device.

A few things to note:

  • If you want to mount your Chromebox to your display monitor, you can use the included mounting bracket.

  • We recommend using your Hangouts Meet Hardware over a wired network connection for the best sound and video quality. The Hangout will still support wireless connectivity.

  • In the CN65 Hardware Kit, the bundled power supply has a higher wattage and it is not compatible with older, existing power supplies.

  • For the Chromebox CN65, the secondary video output is USB Type-C. On other devices it’s a display port. But keep in mind that the HDMI port will always be the primary video display.

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