The "Labs" tab is very straight forward. In here you are able to add beta capabilities. Beta capabilities are things that just haven't met Promevo standards yet but we'd like you to be able to use them until they are up to par. Anything with a green laboratory vase beside it means it is still experimental or beta.


Bi Directional Contact Sync:

This feature will save administrators’ time. Instead of one user account being in charge of adding, editing, deleting of contacts, this work can now be completed by any target of the contact sync.

In the Administration Center, administrators will now be able to enable a new type of contact sync from one user to one or more end users: 

  • This sync has the ability to sync destination user changes back to the source user, and then push all changes to all users within the sync.

  • This sync has the ability to turn off certain actions from being synced, such as creation of contacts, edit of contacts, and deletion of contacts.

Indexing User Push Notifications:

gPanel automatically uses push notifications from Google for user additions. 

gPanel will use push notifications from Google for any user additions to a customer’s domain.