Run a Decommissioning Process

For a primer on how to Create a Decommissioning Process, visit this link:

Form your API Request

To trigger a Decommissioning process via API, view the details page of the Decommissioning Process in the gPanel Application.  Note the two important pieces of information:

gPanel API 8

Visiting the docs in the developer portal shows me that this API request takes one parameter via a POST body:

gPanel API 9

Using all of this information, we can now form our request.  Be sure to plugin your own values for decommissioningId and apikey.

Here is a sample curl command:

gPanel API 10


A successful response (HTTP response code 2xx) means that your request was received and gPanel will run your policy.  Note, however, that a successful response from your API call does not mean that your policy ran successfully to completion.  

Your policy is being run asynchronously as a background task in gPanel.  To gain insight into the outcome of the policy execution, visit the gPanel application.