What is gPanel?

Did you know Promevo creates their own Google Workspace management software, gPanel? gPanel, a comprehensive management and reporting solution, is a critical piece of any efficient Google Workspace domain. gPanel is a powerful, complete, enterprise-class administration console written using the Google Web Toolkit. It runs on the Google App Engine in order to secure, administer, and protect. gPanel is also one of the most used Admin consoles across all platforms, with over 4 million users and counting.

What exactly is gPanel?

gPanel is the answer to your Google Workspace management needs. It allows you to efficiently manage and access your users' settings while protecting their data and keeping admins accountable. Save your IT team time and money with bulk operations and automation. Easily add all your new hires to groups, give them access to their predecessors’ files, and apply their email signature automatically. gPanel also helps you keep an eye on what’s going on in the company. Use reports to monitor how many files are created, deleted, and sent. Worried that something has gone wrong internally? You can audit all emails and be automatically BCC’ed on sent messages. Keep your reputation and your intellectual property safe.


Why do you need gPanel?

We’re going to be honest, Google’s Administration console is fine for basic administration and user management. However, it simply doesn’t have the same granular power as gPanel. gPanel is ideal for day-to-day management and is constantly evolving based on our customer’s ideas and suggestions. Think about a time where you just couldn’t find what you needed in Google’s Admin Console. The solution is almost certainly in gPanel and if it’s not, our development team can make it happen. Our customers truly define how gPanel evolves and improves.

Further, gPanel is specifically designed to keep your company’s and employees’ data secure. It’s built on the Google Cloud platform, so it's fully integrated with Google Admin. It also uses Google’s servers, so your data isn't moved to a third-party host. Promevo is ISO 27001 certified, which means that we are internationally recognized to have implemented tools and procedures to protect our users’ personal information.

How will gPanel help your business?

gPanel is a powerful solution for businesses of all sorts, but depending on your size, you’ll probably rely on different functions. However, all gPanel customers get every single one of these features, so you can explore and see what works best for your company.

Small Businesses

According to Phil Chumley, a gPanel expert on our Strategic Sales team, small businesses really utilize gPanel’s signature templates and reporting features. To keep your employees’ signatures in line with your brand, you can create a template that automatically adds user information. This includes things like their name, phone number, and position. This helps keep everything consistent. If an employee accidentally changes their signature, gPanel will automatically revert it to the company standard.

Businesses of all sizes breathe a sigh of relief when they see how easy it is to transfer documents between users. gPanel’s reports let you see anomalies and take care of them in real time. A gPanel user recently saw that a huge number of their user files had been deleted in one day. They identified the employee who accidentally deleted them and the company was able to restore the documents. Without gPanel, they wouldn’t have known what had happened or been able to take care of it so quickly.

Medium Businesses

Our medium-sized business customers love gPanel’s Document Administration. With full-text searching, you can search all the Google Drives in your organization to find, edit, and share necessary documents. It also lets you transfer ownership to the right users. gPanel provides security through firewalls, third-party application blocking, and in an upcoming update will offer drive encryption. We’ll keep your company’s data safe without the cost of additional service providers.

Custom user roles are another unique gPanel feature. Phil says:

"[In Google Admin] there’s no way to give some admin capabilities to users if needed—[the] only roles are Admin or User. Custom roles in gPanel solves this."

With custom roles, you can give an employee permission to transfer documents but deny permission to delete other users. This helps keep your company in control without micromanaging employees.

Large Businesses

We are proud that global corporations like Uber and Dropbox have chosen gPanel! When time is money, gPanel’s bulk operations manager will save you both. Add employees to new organizational groups, make mass updates to user profiles, or set automated user policies with just a few clicks. With the Drive Sweep function, contributors can add files to a shared drive and ownership will automatically be given the group manager. This makes it easy to manage documents if you frequently add new members to your team.

gPanel’s centralized user management panel is invaluable to large businesses. It lets administrators add, suspend, and delete users. It also lets them set up account delegation and email forwarding, and sync groups of contacts between users. This means that if a team member isn't present, the rest of the team can get access to vital documents.

Is gPanel right for you?

Simply put, if you want to protect your company’s data while efficiently managing your user settings, then you need gPanel. gPanel customers get all of the features listed above. As a Promevo customer, you'll receive free support from our Google certified specialists. Also, if you have a feature that you'd like to see in gPanel, our development team can make it happen.

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