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Enhancing Security & Compliance with gPanel Enterprise

In today's digital landscape, businesses face growing challenges in maintaining data visibility and control. With the increasing prevalence of remote work and cloud-based collaboration, it's crucial for businesses to have comprehensive solutions that address these concerns.

gPanel® Enterprise is Promevo's exclusive Workspace management and reporting solution. With its robust feature set, this platform helps organizations practice better enterprise security and facilitate compliance with industry regulations, data protection policies, and internal governance requirements.


The Growing Need for Enhanced Data Visibility and Control in Organizations

With data volumes and remote work expanding, organizations require greater visibility and control over sensitive information accessed within collaboration tools like Google Workspace.

As powerful as it is, the Google Admin Console can't do everything alone. gPanel Enterprise's capabilities help Workspace administrators meet modern security and compliance needs.


gPanel Enterprise Activities Reports: A Deep Dive

Explanation of gPanel Activities Reports

Both gPanel Standard and Enterprise include 70+ unique reports that administrators can manually generate or automatically schedule. With gPanel Enterprise, admins also gain access to four unique reports: Activities Shared (My Drive) Report, Activities Shared (Shared Drive) Report, Activities Shared from My Drive (Public) Report, and Activities Shared from Shared Drive (Public) Report. These tools show all external activities on your domain and span your users’ entire lifecycle.

gPanel Enterprise's Activities Reports provide detailed insights into user behavior and engagement within the gPanel platform. These reports allow administrators to see which documents employees are sharing externally, which specific documents they're sharing, and more.

Overview of Reporting Capabilities

gPanel Activities Reports provide administrators with real-time user management insights into document sharing, ownership changes, and access revocation across their organization's Google Drive. The reports deliver continuous feeds showing all activity in granular detail.

Importance of Insights into User Activities

Tracking user activities at a granular level helps identify inappropriate or abnormal data access or sharing in real-time, enhancing security and compliance. Without visibility into detailed actions, threats can go undetected.

Key Features of Activities Reports in gPanel Enterprise

Activities reports outline the most important events, progress, and metrics from a given period to keep admin informed on status and results.

Document Sharing Tracking

Admins gain visibility into all internal and external document-sharing actions performed by users across Google Drive with full details including what was shared, with whom, when, and the access level granted.

Access Revocation & Ownership Changes

In addition to sharing, the reports also track when document access is revoked or ownership is changed. Administrators are notified in real-time of all user access revocations and ownership transfers on files and folders.

Filtering & Exports

Robust filtering and export options allow administrators to focus in on the most high-risk events and users. Activity reports can be exported to share with security teams or for auditing purposes.

With granular real-time activity tracking, gPanel enables organizations to achieve a new level of security, compliance and risk mitigation within Google Workspace.


External Document Sharing: Admins' Visibility & Control

The Risk of Unmonitored External Sharing

External sharing of sensitive documents creates data leakage and compliance risks if not controlled. Users may overshare documents externally either intentionally or accidentally.

Lack of Visibility into Shared Documents

Native Google Workspace tools often lack robust visibility into which specific documents are shared externally, with whom, when, and what access was granted. This makes controlling external sharing difficult.

How gPanel Activities Reports Address the Challenge

The Activities Reports available in the Enterprise tier provide administrators with detailed insights into user activities across all company devices. This enables administrators to easily monitor appropriate use and quickly identify any concerning behaviors or trends.

Real-time Tracking of External Sharing

Administrators can automatically schedule or manually generate reports showing any external sharing events by user accounts across Google Drive. Full details are provided for quick risk assessment.

Granular Control with Access Revocation

Using the real-time activity feed, admins can instantly revoke or restrict external access to any improperly shared documents with a single click. Granular access settings can be applied.

Prevention of Future Incidents

Administrators can leverage the sharing insights to implement targeted policy or training interventions preventing future external sharing violations.

With gPanel, organizations gain robust visibility and control to allow the secure use of Google Drive's external sharing capabilities.


Ownership Management: Empowering Admins

The Significance of Ownership Management

Ownership management capabilities are crucial for enabling admins to properly manage access and privileges across their organization's Google Workspace environment.

With robust ownership controls, admins can take full ownership of documents, sites, groups, and other assets to ensure they have the permissions needed to make changes, delegate access, set policies, and more.

Ensuring Accountability for Document Management

Tracking ownership changes ensures accountability over who controls sensitive data. Without visibility, accountability is lost.

Preventing Unauthorized Data Access

Ownership transfers must be monitored to prevent inappropriate access when employees leave or change roles. Non-transitioned data poses compliance risks.

Leveraging gPanel Activities Reports for Ownership Changes

With gPanel Enterprise's detailed Activities Reporting, you can leverage the data to oversee ownership changes and maintain accountability within your account. This advanced reporting protects your business and gives you peace of mind.

Identifying Documents with Outdated Ownership

The activity reports instantly identify documents where ownership must be updated for departing employees or personnel changes. Outdated access is visible.

Seamless Transition of Ownership Through Reports

Admins can easily transfer ownership of files left behind by former employees with a single click in the reports. Bulk transfers are supported.

Proactive Ownership Management

Ongoing monitoring enables proactively identifying and addressing documents with incorrect ownership due to organizational shifts. Compliance is maintained.

With robust ownership tracking, gPanel Enterprise empowers administrators to achieve strong data accountability and access control.

Improved Data Visibility & Control for Administrators

For organizations managing sensitive data in Google Workspace, gPanel Activities Reports provide unparalleled visibility and control over user actions, enhancing security and compliance.


Why Promevo

As a 100% Google-focused partner, Promevo is your trusted guide to Google solutions. We work with you to understand your unique needs and develop a custom solution designed to scale with your business as it grows. In fact, there are plenty of advantages to partnering with Promevo.

  • Advanced Automation and Precision Control: gPanel gives you the tools you need to automate everyday admin tasks and control all user data and settings.
  • End-to-End Solutions Specific to Your Needs: We provide our partners with everything they need for their Google Workspace, including software licenses, hardware, professional services, and continuous support and customization. 
  • Advisory Workshops: We leverage our Google expertise to guide our clients and maximize success. From strategy assessment to internal advocacy and thought leadership, Promevo’s advisory workshops are designed to produce the best outcomes.
  • Certifications and Google Expertise: Our Google-Certified Engineer team supports our clients with unparalleled technical support and Google expertise.

If you want to accelerate the growth of your company, Promevo has the Google Workspace solutions you need. With our expert consultation, comprehensive support, and exceptional service from end-to-end, you can drive maximum collaboration and productivity in your organization.


FAQs: Security & Compliance with gPanel Enterprise

What insights do gPanel Activities Reports provide?

The reports deliver real-time visibility into external sharing, access revocation, and ownership changes across Google Drive. This identifies high-risk user actions.

How can reports improve data security?

By tracking activities like external sharing in real-time, admins can instantly revoke access to data that is improperly shared externally. This prevents data leakage.

How do reports help with compliance?

The granular activity tracking provides detailed audit trails for compliance reporting. Ownership tracking also ensures least-privilege and separation of duties compliance.


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