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New Google Workspace Reports Available in gPanel® Enterprise

Google administrators are tasked with managing their organization’s Google Workspace environment efficiently and securely. However, as the number of users increases and security requirements become more stringent, admins need more advanced tools to fulfill these business-critical duties. 

This is where gPanel® Enterprise steps in. Advanced reporting is a hallmark of this new product tier, giving admins even more ways to streamline user management while safeguarding sensitive company data. 

Let’s explore the latest enhancements in gPanel Enterprise's reporting capabilities, shedding light on the invaluable Google Workspace reports newly added to the platform. 


gPanel Enterprise Advanced Reporting: An Overview 

gPanel Enterprise is the most advanced edition of Promevo’s proprietary software designed to empower businesses with unparalleled Workspace management and reporting capabilities.

With this new product tier, Workspace admins now have the ability to generate activities reports for documents that are shared externally via My Drive, Shared Drives, and Public Shares at any point in a user's lifecycle. 

All of the gPanel Enterprise-exclusive reports span a users’ entire lifecycle — well beyond the six months' worth of data available in Google Admin Console. These reports can all also be associated with onboarding, offboarding, and decommissioning actions to simplify user management workflows. Altogether, these features empower organizations to identify trends, optimize resources, and enhance productivity.

Let’s look at an example. When an employee leaves the organization, admins can generate a Google Workspace report showing all the documents that user shared with external audiences and then quickly revoke access, change ownership, or perform other critical actions. 


4 New Google Workspace Reports in the gPanel Enterprise Tier

Activities Shared Report (My Drive)

When it comes to tracking and managing file activities within your organization's Google Workspace environment, the Activities Shared Report (My Drive) is an essential tool. 

This report offers administrators an overview of the sharing activities that occur within individual user drives. From viewing who has shared files, what files were shared, and the recipients of these shares, administrators gain unprecedented visibility into collaboration patterns. 

This newfound insight not only empowers administrators to ensure sensitive data isn't inadvertently exposed but also facilitates the optimization of collaboration workflows.

Activities Shared Report (Shared Drive)

Collaboration doesn't stop at individual user drives; shared drives play a pivotal role in fostering teamwork and knowledge sharing within an organization. 

With the Activities Shared Report (Shared Drive), gPanel Enterprise administrators can now monitor activities within shared drives. This report highlights who is sharing files within shared drives, the files that are being shared, and the recipients involved. 

This level of granularity enables administrators to uphold sharing best practices, mitigate potential risks, and maintain a coherent and secure collaboration environment.

Activities Shared Report from My Drive (Public)

While collaboration is the backbone of productivity, some files are meant to be shared with the public. However, it's essential to keep tabs on what is being shared publicly to prevent any unintentional exposure of sensitive information. 

The Activities Shared Report from My Drive (Public) allows administrators to monitor public sharing activities occurring within individual user drives. 

By identifying which files have been shared publicly, administrators can ensure that confidential data remains private while enabling seamless sharing of non-sensitive content.

Activities Shared Report from Shared Drive (Public)

Similarly, public sharing within shared drives must be monitored to maintain data security. The Activities Shared Report from Shared Drive (Public) provides administrators with insights into public sharing activities within shared drives. 

This Google Workspace report empowers administrators to identify any unintended public sharing instances within shared drives and promptly rectify them, thereby enhancing data privacy and overall security.


Get Started with gPanel Enterprise 

 gPanel Enterprise's latest reporting enhancements usher in a new era of visibility and control for Google Workspace administrators. 

With the four new reports mentioned above, organizations can better understand collaboration patterns, sharing behaviors, and potential security risks. Armed with this information, administrators can take proactive measures to safeguard sensitive data, optimize collaboration workflows, and maintain a secure digital environment.

If you are a current Promevo customer, contact your dedicated Client Success manager to learn how easy it is to upgrade your current gPanel subscription. You can also contact sales to schedule a demo of gPanel Enterprise or learn more about pricing. If you’d like to stay up to date on the latest software updates, subscribe to our newsletter.


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