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Your Cloud Security Program May Not Be Cloud Optimized: Here’s How You Can Tell

The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) levels up every aspect of your business. But is your cloud as secure as it could be? 

The GCP’s built-in cloud security suite provides organizations with a comprehensive SecOps model, but some still struggle to fully optimize the ecosystem. Often, a lack of cloud-specific expertise makes it difficult to properly tailor and implement security solutions. Without this true, cloud-first security program, organizations put themselves and their products at unnecessary risk. 

These complexities are a job for a Google Cloud Partner. Backed by Google certification and years of cloud management experience, Cloud Partners deliver managed services that help you optimize all facets of your cloud security strategy, and identify opportunities for cost savings and efficiency gains.

But first, you need to determine your current cloud security standing  —  and understand how strategic cloud services can help optimize your cloud functions. 


Even With the Right Tools, Cloud Security Can Go Unoptimized 

The GCP recommends a layered security program that hinges on cloud-native tools and solutions. This includes Gmail, which blocks more than 99.9% of malicious emails from ever reaching end users, and Chronicle, Google’s threat detection solution. But even with these tools in place, misunderstanding or misapplying security best practices can still leave you vulnerable.

This challenge often goes hand-in-hand with unfamiliarity regarding cloud infrastructure and cloud-native security solutions. Without cloud knowledge, it’s difficult to translate best practices, like identity and access management (IAM) and incident response protocols, into daily workflows and functions. 

As a result, persistent misconfigurations, security breaches, and even compliance pitfalls can be common. And as organizations grow and expand their cloud footprint, their attack surface increases, too — causing more stress for internal teams tasked with scaling security programs and tools. 


3 Questions to Help Determine Your Cloud Security Needs

No matter your configuration, any system running completely or partially on the cloud requires a cloud-native security strategy. Here are three questions to help you determine your current security capabilities.

Do you have cloud-specific security expertise?

Maybe you’re a startup that’s always been cloud native, but you’re unsure how to scale security solutions as you grow. Or maybe you’re well-versed in your previous legacy system, but this knowledge doesn’t apply to the cloud.

Either way, you need in-depth cloud expertise to implement and optimize security features. Cloud Partners can lead you through complex security architecture and recommend tailored solutions — like security monitoring and alerts, IAM structures, and security key enforcement. 

Does managing cloud security feel like a resource drain?

Even if you have some cloud expertise in-house, it doesn’t mean you have the resources or the time to manage security on your own. Often, spending time on regular security maintenance and threat detection and response (TDIR) takes away from investment in critical business drivers — like client-facing development goals.

Cloud Partners help you streamline your security program and address inefficiencies that burden internal workloads. In turn, you can devote more energy to growth-forward initiatives. 

Do you operate with a cloud-native mindset?

True cloud security optimization requires a cloud-native mindset. This means every security decision is made with cloud optimization in mind, and every facet of your security architecture is designed to leverage the latest GCP tools and protocols.

Cloud partners can ensure cloud-native is the status quo across your environment. This ensures your security program harnesses the most relevant and impactful cloud features for your specific business parameters and risk profile. 

At Promevo, our Google Cloud Architects can serve as a trusted guide to maximize your GCP investment. To learn more, schedule a free consultation with a Promevo expert or an Advisory Workshop for your entire team.


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