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Trust Promevo to be your guide for ChromeOS every step of the way, from device selection to deployment, to accelerate your business growth. And with Chrome Enterprise Upgrade, you can unlock the built-in business capabilities of ChromeOS that give you the security, simplicity and efficiency that a managed system brings.

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Equip Your Team for the Future of Work

Stay agile and competitive by optimizing your business functions with ChromeOS and Chrome Enterprise Upgrade.


ChromeOS was built to power the work of tomorrow with devices that are easy to manage, secure, and deploy. Promevo advisors can help you select the right devices for the right price.


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Advantages of ChromeOS in the Workplace

ChromeOS was designed for the complexity of the work environment. Each feature helps optimize business functions and upgrade the user experience.

ChromeOS devices offer:

What Clients Are Saying

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"Working with Promevo has been fantastic! Providing a great level of support, they've made it a breeze to get the hardware we need for our digital signage into the hands of our over 100 franchisees."
Andrew McCallister
IT Manager
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"Purchasing through Promevo [was] the quickest and easiest way to get [ChromeOS] rolled out and set up quickly. By the time the devices get to me, all I've got to do is do the enterprise login and it's ready to go."
Stephen Salstrand
IT Director
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"[Our transition to ChromeOS and Chrome digital signage] has been flawless. I’ve really appreciated all of the help from the Promevo team.”
French Williams
IT Director

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Powered for big ventures.

Perfect for your business.

Level up with ChromeOS and device management

In any size business, security and simplicity are the name of the game. Get both — plus all the tools you need to succeed — with ChromeOS.

Don’t miss out on:

  • Zero-touch enrollment
  • Simplified, cost-saving IT management
  • Time-saving productivity tools
  • 24/7 IT admin support from Google

Power your business now

Experience ChromeOS Flex

Extend the life of your existing Macs and PCs by bringing them to the cloud with ChromeOS Flex.


ChromeOS Flex is a modern, cloud-based operating system designed to deploy on Windows, Mac, or Linux devices. It enables you to extend the life of your hardware and reduce waste, with the same out-of-the-box security, speed, and ease of management you expect from Google ChromeOS. Promevo can help you restore life to outdated hardware and deploy ChromeOS Flex across your teams with ease and minimal disruption.

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Optimize Business Potential with a Chrome Enterprise Upgrade

Promevo has a direct integration with Google to offer you fast, superior support to digitally provision your licenses.

Take advantage of robust cloud tools and high-performing devices to optimize business potential and streamline management and deployment processes. Promevo has a direct integration with Google to offer you fast, superior support to digitally provision your licenses.


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Advantages of Chrome Enterprise Upgrade


Start a free trial of Chrome Enterprise Upgrade


Embrace the Full Potential of Your Chrome Devices


Cameyo allows you to deliver all your business-critical apps to any device, so your organization can stay productive from anywhere. 

Promevo has partnered with Cameyo, the Chrome Enterprise Recommended virtual app delivery (VAD) provider, to enable you to deliver all of your apps — including Windows, Linux, SaaS, and internal web apps — on ChromeOS devices.

Cameyo has deep integrations with ChromeOS, Google Cloud, and Google Workspace to provide a seamless app experience paired with a zero trust security model that protects your people, your network, and your data. Customers who leverage our Chrome Enterprise Upgrade package receive several free Cameyo licenses so you can test the future of work for yourself.

Key benefits include:

  • All apps are delivered as Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) for a seamless app experience
  • Utilize Cameyo's fully-hosted service in Google Cloud, or self-host Cameyo in any cloud, multi-cloud, or on-premises environment for ultimate flexibility 
  • Eliminate the cost, complexity, and security issues of legacy virtual desktops
  • Protect against vendor lock-in with the freedom to utilize any cloud, OS, SSO, apps, etc. 

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ChromeOS Devices

ChromeOS devices are built for security and enhanced usability. Choose from a variety of major computer manufacturing companies and utilize the powerful
tools from ChromeOS devices.


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With zero-touch enrollment, send devices directly to employees ready to sign into your domain.

Once powered on, policies, apps, and settings are downloaded to the device without additional steps. Quickly deprovision and reassign devices in case of theft, damage, or role changes.

Reduce downtime with fast start-ups and a device that doesn’t slow down over time.

With cloud profiles, quickly log in to any device and continue where you left off.

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Promevo_Chrome Products - Built-in Security


ChromeOS devices are built with active threat protection against external attacks and internal negligence.

Its multi-layered OS architecture offers added security benefits.

Elevate usefulness and the user experience with Chromebook-compatible accessories. 

  • Logitech® Tap and Tap Scheduler

  • Mice and Keyboards

  • Webcams and Headsets

  • Docks and Monitors

  • Gaming Controllers

See More Compatible Technologies

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Kiosk Upgrade from Chrome

Kiosk and Signage Upgrade for ChromeOS is an annual license specifically designed for purpose-built devices such as self-service kiosks that use a single application, digital signs, or even specialized applications such as Point of sale systems.
Promevo has a direct integration with Google to offer you fast, superior support to digitally provision your kiosk licenses.

Why trust Promevo for your ChromeOS devices?

Promevo can help you leverage the powerful technology Google has to offer. We deeply analyze your business to understand its unique challenges and needs. 

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As a long-time Google partner, we offer you the deep expertise in ChromeOS that can only come from a provider that is solely, 100% focused on Google products and services.

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Easily shop, get a quote, and order your ChromeOS devices online. 

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Come to us with a competitive quote and we will match the price. We can also discuss our hardware buyback program or leasing options.

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You’ll receive dedicated account management from our responsive sales team. Plus, you can always search our extensive Knowledge Base, consult with our Google Certified Specialists, or even schedule free training. Assistance with device deployment is also available.

See how Promevo can help with your education needs.

ChromeOS in Action: Industry Use Cases

The breadth and scope of Google’s smart business tools create infinite uses and ways to improve business performance. Take a look at how ChromeOS devices are used in the healthcare, financial services, and retail industries.

ChromeOS helps healthcare providers stay connected and exchange critical information from the security of the cloud. 

Healthcare providers can login to any organization-approved ChromeOS device and pick up where they left off. This flexibility allows them to access devices across various locations.


  • Better Patient Experience

    With ChromeOS devices and screens, healthcare facilities can display information and entertainment throughout the patient’s stay. Self-service kiosks allow patients to digitally share information securely and conveniently.

  • Improve Patient Care with Telehealth and Virtual Care

    Medical providers can extend the reach of their healthcare by offering patients take-home devices, monitoring their health digitally, and facilitating virtual visits. 

  • Digital Training and Communications

    Increase engagement and promote learning with secure, mobile access for healthcare professionals on the go.

ChromeOS helps employees and clients easily connect to their accounts securely. No matter where they are.

  • Support Information Workers

    Foster collaboration amongst financial analysts with cloud-based work that can be accessed remotely. 

  • Secure Access to Critical Information

    Provide employees with seamless access to important business or customer information. 

  • Secure Customer Banking

    Offer easy-to-use banking experience for clients on a secure platform.

ChromeOS provides valuable insight and convenient technology to help support retail employees in providing excellent customer service.


  • Improve Customer Experience

    Give clients a personalized experience with data and information at their fingertips. Self-service stations give each visitor a unique experience.

  • Smart Selling

    With fast access to information while on the floor, employees are better equipped to assist clients and provide a great experience.

  • Information Wherever You Are

    Wherever an employee is working, they can stay connected to valuable information and resources through cloud-based work. ChromeOS, cloud-first devices boast a long battery life with a lightweight feel. 

  • Cloud-Hosted Processes, Training, and Communication

    Digitize common tasks and processes like shift schedules, time sheets, communications, and training saving time and resources.

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