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Why, When & How to Use Google Maps for Your Business

Are you looking to increase your business’s reach and make it easier for your customers to find you? 

If you answered yes, then you need to invest time and resources in the Google Maps Platform. 

Google Maps is more than just directions. It’s a powerful tool that helps put your business in front of your target audience so you can meet your organizational goals — whether that’s driving more foot traffic, increasing search engine rankings, or improving your online reputation. 


What Is Google Maps? 

Google Maps, also known as the Google Maps Platform, is a tool available in Google Cloud that allows you to create real-world and real-time experiences for your customers using APIs and SDKs. Google Maps consists of four unique products: 

  • Maps: Bring the real world to your users with Static and Dynamic maps, Street View imagery, and 360° views.
  • Routes: Help users find the ideal way to get from Point A to Point B with comprehensive data and real-time traffic.
  • Places: Enable users to explore the world around them using phone numbers, addresses, and more.
  • Environments: Get the latest data on the environment in a given location. 

Together, these tools provide comprehensive data for over 200 countries and territories to 1 billion monthly active users. 


Why Use Google Maps for Your Business?

With so many people relying on Google Maps, it’s become a compelling marketing tool for organizations of all shapes and sizes.

It helps users find anything and everything. From searching for nearby convenience stores to finding the best happy hour in town, the Google Maps Platform is the go-to solution for businesses looking to achieve the following:

  • Enhanced Visibility: By listing your business on Google Maps, you increase your online visibility. When potential customers search for products or services in your area, your business will appear in that query, making it easier for them to find you.
  • Trust & Credibility: A Google Maps listing lends credibility to your business. It reassures customers that you are a legitimate and established entity, which helps build trust.
  • Detailed Information: You can provide important information like your business hours, contact details, website, and even photos through your Google Maps listing, making it a one-stop shop for potential customers to learn about your business.
  • Reviews & Ratings: Google Maps allows customers to leave reviews and ratings for your business. Positive reviews can attract more customers, while negative feedback offers valuable insights for improvement.
  • Local SEO Benefits: Google Maps is tightly integrated with Google's search engine, which means that a well-optimized listing can improve your local SEO and help you rank higher in search results.

When to Use Google Maps for Your Business?

Here are some key scenarios when using Google Maps can be particularly advantageous for your business:

  • Brick-and-Mortar Stores: If you have a physical storefront or office, Google Maps is a must. It helps nearby customers find your location easily.
  • Service-Based Businesses: Even if you don't have a physical storefront, Google Maps can help potential clients locate you when you offer services in a specific area.
  • Multi-Location Businesses: If you have multiple branches or offices, Google Maps can be used to create listings for each location, increasing your local presence.
  • Events & Special Promotions: You can use Google Maps to promote events or special offers. Create temporary listings to draw attention to time-sensitive promotions.
  • Competitive Advantage: If your competitors are using Google Maps and you're not, you risk losing customers to them. Stay competitive by having a strong online presence.

How to Use Google Maps for Your Business

Now that we've covered the "why" and "when," let's look at how to use Google Maps effectively for your business:

  • Claim and Verify Your Listing: To start using Google Maps for your business, you first need to create a Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business). This listing contains critical information about your business and allows you to manage your Google Maps presence. 
  • Optimize Your Profile: Fill out every detail of your Google Maps profile, including your business name, address, phone number, website, and business category. Add high-quality photos to showcase your products or services.
  • Encourage Reviews: Ask satisfied customers to leave reviews on your Google Maps listing. Respond to both positive and negative reviews professionally and promptly.
  • Monitor & Update: Regularly check your listing for accuracy. Update your hours of operation, address, and other information as needed, especially during holidays or special events.
  • Leverage Google Maps Marketing: Consider using Google Ads to promote your business on Google Maps. You can use location-based targeting to reach potential customers in your area.
  • Engage with Customers: Respond to customer inquiries and messages promptly. Engagement on your listing can boost your search rankings.

Google Maps is a versatile tool that can significantly benefit your business by increasing visibility, trust, and accessibility.The more discoverable you are on Google Maps, the easier it is to appeal to potential customers and get them excited about what you're offering. 


Working With a Google Maps Partner

Are you ready to put the Google Maps Platform to work for your business? Trust Promevo.  

We are a Premier Partner for Google Cloud in the Sell Engagement Model, meaning we have a proven track record of providing agile solutions for clients — no matter what stage of your Google Cloud journey you’re in. 

Use the power of Google Maps to solve your current business challenges. Contact us today to get started.


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