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What's the Latest With Chrome Enterprise?

On September 1, 2019, Google will be updating the name of Chrome licenses. Promevo's products will reflect this change. Please note that the name is the only thing that is changing about these products. The functionality, cost, and features will remain the same.


Changes Coming to Chrome Enterprise

Previous Name

New Name

Chrome Enterprise License

Chrome Enterprise Upgrade

Chrome Education License

Chrome Education Upgrade

Chrome Non-Profit License

Chrome Non-Profit Upgrade


Chrome Enterprise Upgrade

The Chrome Enterprise Upgrade unlocks the built-in business capabilities of Chrome OS and Chrome devices for IT to secure, orchestrate, and power the cloud workforce.

Updates to the Google Admin Console

Chromebook Enterprise devices, as well as Chromebooks with the Chrome Enterprise Upgrade, offer a bunch of important enterprise capabilities. These capabilities include advanced security protections, flexible access, and simplified management and orchestration.

One of the more notable abilities is access to the Google Admin console for Chrome OS, which helps businesses manage Chromebook deployments from one central location.

In order to make Chromebook adoption and deployment easier for businesses, the Admin console has been massively revamped. This means updated material design, search on every page, and redesigned workflows — resulting in up to 10x faster load times than the previous version. These improvements mean IT can spend less time in the console, and more time on other more important tasks.

First-Ever Chromebook Enterprise Devices

Google is also introducing the first ever Chromebook Enterprise devices. These devices have everything that businesses will need right out of the box. The device will already have a Chrome Enterprise Upgrade so there will be no need to purchase a separate Chrome Enterprise Upgrade.

Bringing Chromebooks to More Developers

As more organizations embrace the cloud, they want tools that help their developers work securely and build applications for an increasingly cloud-first world. In 2018, Google announced a project to bring Linux and its ecosystem of development applications to Chromebooks.

Now, organizations can enable managed Linux environments on Chromebooks, in beta, with tools to determine who has access, VPN support for internal files, and containers for maximum protection. This solution offers enterprises an approach to development that is genuinely cloud-first.


It's Time to Switch

Today’s updates do more than deliver on the promise of the modern OS; they make it possible for enterprises everywhere to adopt it and truly transform the way they work.

Chrome & Promevo

Promevo is excited to join you on your Chrome journey! We hope this beginner's guide to Chrome showed you how Chrome devices are sharable, reliable, and secure.

Best of all, they are easy to use. You can shop Chrome devices on our online store or get in contact with one of our sales reps if you have more questions! Feel free to bookmark this beginner's guide to Chrome so you can always refer back to it when you have questions.

And if you need additional support or training, we are here for you. All Promevo customers get free support from our Google-certified specialists. You can search our Knowledge Base, talk to our support team, or even schedule free training. Now go explore your new Chrome device!


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