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Cloud Insights is a monthly podcast and video series for tech enthusiasts and cloud professionals hosted by Promevo. Whether you're trying to take your business to the cloud or simply passionate about the future of tech, Cloud Insights offers a wealth of knowledge, experience, and inspiration. Expand your understanding and harness the power of the cloud in just a few clicks.

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Meet Your Hosts


Justin Barone

Principal Cloud Solutions Architect, Promevo

Justin Barone is a software engineer and cloud computing practitioner with over 23 years of experience. His cloud computing journey began in its nascent stages, before "cloud" became a household name. Currently, he is a Principal Cloud Solutions Architect at Promevo, where his expertise isn't just recognized but also certified, particularly as a Google Cloud Architect. Justin's deep-rooted experience and forward-thinking approach position him as a key player in the evolving cloud landscape.

aaron gutierrez

Aaron Gutierrez

Practice Director, Data Engineering & Analytics, Promevo

Aaron Gutierrez is a Google Cloud-certified data and machine learning engineer with over 17 years in the industry. He excels at transforming complex data into actionable insights, leveraging his expertise in AI, Python, and BI tools like BigQuery, Tableau, and Looker. Currently serving as Promevo's Practice Director of Data Engineering & Analytics, Aaron is also skilled at navigating complex databases like MySQL, Postgres, and Oracle. Aaron holds a master's in economics and data intelligence, allowing him to combine his analytical acumen and technical prowess.


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Cloud Insights Episodes

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Episode 1 | 2024: A Cloud Odyssey 


  • Google Cloud Egress & Data Transfer Update
  • New Generative AI Training for Duet AI
  • Google Cloud's 2024 Outlook on Gen AI in Retail
  • New FOCUS BigQuery View
  • Looker Roadmap for 2024
  • Intro to Large Language Models
  • Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) & LangChain
  • Grounding in Vertex AI
  • Crostini/ Linux on ChromeOS
  • Duet AI in VSCode