Google Workspace Enterprise: Which Plan Is Right for Your Business?

Every day, billions of users rely on Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) to help their teams collaborate, communicate, and accomplish their business goals. Businesses of all sizes can enjoy the benefits of Google’s transformative workflow technology, but larger businesses need solutions proportionate to the size of their operation.

Using Google Workspace Enterprise, organizations can leverage the power of Google’s most advanced security, management, and online storage features with no limit to the number of users.

There are several options available for organizations looking to begin the upgrade process to Google Workspace Enterprise. Let’s decide which is right for your business.

What Are the Differences Between Google Workspace Enterprise Versions?

Much like Google Workspace for Business, Google Workspace Enterprise comes in three different versions, each with its own unique set of features. 



The Enterprise Essentials plan must be pre-approved by Google and is for large businesses in need of workflow solutions for more than 300 users. Features include:

  • 1 TB storage x (number of users) pooled
  • Access to Google Apps like Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sites, and Google Sheets
  • Enhanced support and security


The Enterprise Standard plan is perfect for large businesses with hundreds or even thousands of users. 

Features include:

  • 5 TB storage x (number of users) pooled
  • Google Vault
  • Auditing and reporting
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for Gmail and Drive
  • Full access to all Google Workspace Apps
  • Enhanced security and customer support
  • Livestreaming for up to 10,000 viewers
  • Context-Aware Access


The Enterprise Plus plan is recommended for the biggest organizations with the most pressing data storage, security, and compliance demands. This plan includes:

  • 5 TB storage x (number of users) pooled
  • Google Vault
  • Auditing and reporting
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for Gmail and Drive
  • Security Center featuring Investigation Tool, Security Dashboard, and Health Page
  • Full access to all Google Workspace Apps
  • S/MIME email encryption
  • Enhanced noise cancellation during video meetings 
  • AppSheet Core
  • Transparency logs for admins
  • Livestreaming for up to 100,000 viewers

What are Google Workspace Enterprise Plus Features?


Google Workspace Enterprise Plus provides users and administrators with the most advanced features of any Google Workspace solution.

The Enterprise Plus plan offers all of the functionality of the Enterprise Standard plan with even more premium features.

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Advanced Automation and Precision Control

  • gPanel®️ management and security give you the tools you need to automate everyday admin tasks and control all user data and settings.

End-to-end Solutions Specific to Your Needs

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