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Set Forwarding Now Available as a Decommissioning Action

gPanel® Platform Update: "Set Forwarding" Action Now Available in the Decommissioning Tool

April 28, 2023, 10:00 am



What’s Changing

Administrators now have the ability to configure the "Set Forwarding" action in the Decommissioning Tool to forward email to a user's Manager (as set by admins in the user's profile).


Who’s Impacted 

Admins and end users


Why It’s Important 

As employees exit an organization, it’s important to safeguard that there are no communication disruptions that will impact the organization or its clients. Admins now have another tool to ensure a seamless transition. 

This highly requested feature gives Administrators the ability to designate a user's manager (as determined on the user's profile) to automatically receive the user's emails at the moment of their decommissioning.


Rollout Pace 

  • Deployed to gPanel Standard on April  28, 2023.


  • Available to gPanel Standard customers. 

  • Not available to gPanel Starter customers.