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User Management, Directory, Bulk Operations, Payments Contacts & Notifications Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes

gPanel Sign In

  • Fixed an issue where a blank screen would appear upon logging into gPanel.

User Management > Add User

  • Fixed an issue where new users were unable to be created.

User Management > Profile

  • Fixed an issue where some user profiles were showing up blank.

User Management > Profile > External IDs

  • Fixed an issue where external IDs were not saving properly and couldn’t be edited.

User Management > Profile > Organizations

  • Fixed an issue where the organization title and description would not save once updated.

Directory > Organizational Units > Move Members

  • Fixed an issue that occurred when trying to move users to different OUs. This action can now be completed without error.

Tools > Bulk Operations

  • Fixed an issue where Bulk Operations were not updating user profile fields. Bulk Operations are now updating user profile fields correctly.

Plans & Billing > Settings > Payments Contacts

  • Fixed an issue where the primary contact would not save once updated.

Plans & Billing > Settings > Notifications

  • Fixed an issue where G Suite license count notifications were able to be created without a contact email address. Notifications now require a contact email address.