Email Forwarding Bug Fix & Updates to Exports, Drive Transfer Ownership, Externally-Shared Docs Reports

Bug Fixes

Reports > Email Forwarding

  • Fixed an issue where the email forwarding report was not pulling the correct information.




  • All exports in gPanel have been upgraded to the new spreadsheets API. This will make exports faster and will export 100 lines at a time instead of one by one.

Drive > Drive Explorer > Transfer Ownership

  • There is now a mandatory checkbox in Drive Transfer Ownership when "Remove all shares" is selected. This is so that admins understand and acknowledge that all sharing permissions will be removed.

Reports > Docs Shared Externally

  • In the Docs Shared Externally report, there are now separate columns for internal and external email addresses. This allows admins to see all shares of documents for externally and internally shared email accounts.