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Drive Search, Signatures Bug Fixes & Updates to Drive Sweep, Drive Search, Gmail Usage Reports

Bug Fixes

Drive > Drive Search

  • Fixed an issue where the ability to "View" a file was not working.

User Management > Select User > Gmail Settings > Signatures

Tools > Signature Templates

  • Fixed an issue where Signature Templates were not completing.

  • Fixed an issue where a Signature Template would be applied correctly, but some signatures were missing information. 



Drive > Drive Sweep

  • Fixed an issue where Drive Sweep was no longer running. Drive Sweep has been moved to a different infrastructure and is now working for all domains. Time between sweeps has been increased to 2 hours for the interim while we monitor the result of the transition. This time will decrease in the future.

Drive > Drive Search

  • The options in Drive Sweep should now mimic the functionality of Google Drive.

Reports > Gmail Usage Under 1 MB

  • Admins can now pull a report that shows users with mailboxes using less than 1 MB of storage.