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Updates to User Management, Navigation & Policy List, Directory, Account Delegation & Docs Shared With Groups Bug Fixes


User Management > Add User > Policies

  • New user policies are now sorted alphabetically

General > Collapsed Navigation

  • Added a delay when mousing out of a navigation link

User Management > User > Gmail Settings > Vacation Responder

  • Added two new toggles: Restrict Response to User's Contacts & Restrict Response to Domain

User Management > User > Personal Contacts

  • Added ability to sort contacts grid

Calendars > User > Suspended User

  • Removed pop up notification when a user is suspended and moved into the grid


Bug Fixes

Tools > Decommissioning > Policy List

  • Fixed an issue with paging not working as intended

Directory > Groups > Aliases

  • Fixed an issue where the aliases table would duplicate when refreshed

Directory > Groups Templates > Business Group Settings

  • Removed the option for “None can post” if a group is not flagged as archived only

User Management > User > Gmail Settings > Account Delegation

  • Fixed a broken link to the help documentation

Reports > Docs Shared With Groups

  • Fixed an issue where the title row was duplicating