Updates to Labs, Business Group Settings Fields, Search, Directory Search & Drive Transfer Ownership


Labs Update

  • All labs have graduated.

Business Group Settings Deprecated Fields

  • All Business Group Settings deprecated fields are now removed from gPanel.

  • In addition, the fields that have been added to replace these have now been added to gPanel under Business Group Settings > Permissions and are listed below.

  1. Who Can Moderate Members

  2. Who Can Moderate Content

  3. Who Can Assist Content


  • Google’s global user ID is now able to be used to search for users.

User Portal > Directory Search

  • All user profile fields are now exposed in directory search.

Administration > Role Manager > Permissions

  • Added directory search permissions so admins can determine which actions are available in directory search.

Drive > Transfer Ownership

  • Updated Drive Transfer to include the option to send a notification to a specified user or group upon completion.