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Calendar Sharing, Bulk Add Users, Activity Reports, Drive Explorer Bug Fixes & Updates to Labs, Business Group Settings Fields

Bug Fixes

Calendars > Resource Calendars > Sharing

  • Fixed an issue where gPanel was freezing up when removing a group from a resource calendar. This action can now be completed without interruption.

Bulk Operations > Bulk Add Users

  • Fixed an issue where clicking on “Click here to view the spreadsheet” after starting a bulk upload users process would produce an error that said “Sorry, unable to open the file at this time.” Admins can now view the spreadsheet once the bulk upload users process begins.

Reports > Hangouts Meet Metrics Report

  • Fixed an issue where the Hangouts Meet Metrics report was returning “-1” in the Active Users column. This report is now running correctly and returning accurate data.

Reports > Doc Activity Report

  • Fixed an issue where Doc Activity Report was not working and returning an error. This report is now running correctly and returning accurate data.

Drive > Drive Explorer

  • Fixed an issue where some documents were not able to be viewed in Drive Explorer. All documents can now be viewed without issue.



Labs Update

The following labs will be moving out of labs in 30 days and will become permanent features in gPanel:

  • Domain Defaults

  • Gmail User Settings Beta

  • Resource Calendar Templates

  • Transfer Calendars

  • Resource Calendars Beta **NOTE: This will replace the current Resource Calendar view and will be the new design moving forward.

Business Group Settings Deprecated Fields

The following Business Group Settings fields are deprecated and will be removed in the future. You will not be able to modify these fields through gPanel anymore due to Google API deprecation.

  • whoCanInvite

  • maxMessageBytes

  • showInGroupDirectory

  • allowGoogleCommunication

  • messageDisplayFont

  • allowWebPosting