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Whitelist/ Blacklist Updates & User Management, Bulk Operations, Policies Bug Fixes


Removed occurrences of Whitelist / Blacklist and changed to Approved List / Blocked List


Bug Fixes

User Management > User > Personal Contacts

  • Fixed an issue where special characters would be ordered first in Contact Group’s List

  • Fixed an issue where some contact's display names were not showing correctly

User Management > User > Calendars

  • Fixed an issue where some user’s primary calendar name could not be changed

Tools > Bulk Operations > User Export

  • Fixed an issue where the report would not reset to “Run Now” in the operation

Tools > Bulk Operations > Force Password Reset

  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to create the operation

Directory > Organizations

  • Fixed an issue where organizations with spaces in the name and nested within an another organization would not be able to be edited

Reports > Docs Shared Externally

  • Fixed an issue where some reports were not finishing

Tools > Policies > Add delegate

  • Fixed an issue where a policy by Organization Unit would not add the delegate

Tools > Signatures > Edit Configuration

  • Fixed an issue where the configuration box was extending past the end of some screens