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Utilities, 2-Step Verification, Bi-Directional Contact Sync Updates & Organization Units, Navigation Bug Fixes

gPanel® Platform Updates



Administration > Indexing > Utilities

  • Added ability to index a single user

Users > User > General Settings > 2-Step Verification

  • Added ability to turn off two factor authentication

  • Added ability to force sign out and reset sign in cookies

Administration > Labs > Bi-Directional Contact Sync

  • Added a new type of contact sync from one user to one or more end users

  • This sync has the ability to sync destination user changes back to the source user, and then push all changes to all users within the sync

  • This sync has the ability to turn off certain actions from being synced, such as destination contact creates, source user updates, etc.


Bug Fixes

Directory > Organizational Units

  • Fixed an issue when changing a users organization would not re-index the user


  • Fixed an issue where users that include the text "user" would not load