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New Calendar Indexing Lab, Updates to Subscriptions, Email Forwarding & Profile Picture, Email Activity Bug Fixes


New Calendar Indexing Lab

  • A new lab (beta feature) has been added that allows you to index all calendars within the domain. When enabling this lab you gain a typeahead feature within Calendars > Calendars. This typeahead will allow you to access any calendar by just knowing the name.

  • To enable this lab, go to Administration > Labs. Then, enable the Calendar Indexing lab.

Plans and Billing > Subscriptions

Added the following subscriptions to the Plans and Billing page to allow for purchasing of additional licenses.

  • Google Workspace Business Starter

  • Google Workspace Business Standard

  • Google Workspace Business Plus

  • Google Workspace Enterprise Essentials

  • Google Workspace Enterprise Standard

Users > User Management > Select User > Gmail Settings > Forwarding

  • When a forwarding address is not currently in the “Forwarding Addresses” list, gPanel will automatically add the address


Bug Fixes

Users > User Management > Upload Profile Picture

  • Fixed an issue where uploading a profile picture caused the header to be misaligned.

Reports > Reports > Email Activity

  • Fixed an issue where enabling notifications was not sending an email on completion.