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Updates to Decommissioning Tools & Directory, Policies, Signature Templates, Bulk Operations Bug Fixes


Tools > Signature Templates > Select Template > Run Logs

  • Added a refresh button for the grid

  • Added the number of users that were updated to the run log

  • Added the number of users that errored to the run log

Tools > Decommissioning

  • Changed the way the process for decommissioning is processing to remove erroneous logging from multiple policies

  • Added the ability to run a single decommissioning process at a time

Tools > Decommissioning > Create

  • Added a new trigger to start the decommissioning process. Now decommissioning is able to start the decommissioning process upon moving a user into an organizational unit without suspending the user

Tools > Decommissioning > Policies

  • Added a new policy that allows admins to suspend users via the decommissioning policies


Bug Fixes

User Management > User > Personal Contacts

  • Fixed an issue when selecting “All” and deleting not all contacts within the label were being deleted

Directory > Contact Sync

  • Fixed an issue when creating a contact sync was not automatically adding the new sync to the grid

Directory > Contact Sync > Directory Sync

  • Fixed an issue where some directory users were being duplicating on syncing

Tools > Policies > New

  • Fixed and issue where some policies were not saving on creation

Tools > Signature Templates > New

  • Fixed an issue where some templates were not saving on creation

Tools > Signature Templates > Edit

  • Fixed an issue if switching to the HTML view of the template and saving would save the HTML instead of the converted HTML string

Tools > Bulk Operations > Bulk Upload Profile Pictures

  • Fixed an issue when uploaded profile pictures to users within a nested organization

Tools > Decommissioning > Refresh

  • Fixed having to have to hit the refresh button after a policy was deleted