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User Management, Search Bar, and Remove Specific Shares Bug Fixes & Updates to New Custom Attributes Lab


New Custom Attributes Lab

  • A new lab (beta feature) has been added that allows you to manage Custom Attributes for a user. You can use schemas to add custom fields to user profiles. You can use these fields to store information such as the projects your users work on, their physical locations, their hire dates, or whatever else fits your business needs.

  • To enable this lab, go to Administration > Labs. Then, enable the Custom Attributes lab. Once enabled, you can find the lab in a User Profile > Profile Information > Custom Attributes.


Bug Fixes

User Management > User > Profile Information > Job Title

  • Fixed an issue where job title was not showing on a user’s profile after saving.

User Management > User > Profile Information > Addresses

  • Fixed an issue that wasn’t allowing addresses to be deleted from a user profile.

User Management > User > Profile Information > Phones

  • Fixed an issue where user work phone numbers weren’t showing.

Sites > Search

  • Updated the search bar so that overlapping wouldn’t occur when scrolling and clicking on the field would allow text to be entered.

Policies > Remove Specific Shares

  • Fixed an issue where the Remove Specific Shares policy was not running completely. This policy can now be run without error.