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User Management, Payment Bug Fixes & Updates to Decommissioning, Signature Attributes Lab, Calendar & Ownership Transfer Logs


Decommissioning Update

  • We previously announced that a new version of Decommissioning would be live today, September 29, 2020. This has been delayed and at this time we do not have an ETA.

New Signature Custom Attributes Lab

  • A new lab (beta feature) has been added that allows you to add custom schema fields to signatures and signature templates.

  • To enable this lab, go to Administration > Labs. Then, enable the Signature Custom Attributes lab. Once enabled, you can find the lab in either User Management > User > Gmail Settings > Signatures or Tools > Signature Templates > Add Signature Template.

Custom Attributes Lab

  • The Custom Attributes lab has graduated and is now a permanent feature in gPanel.

User Management > User

  • Last signed in date now always shows in the header of User Management when viewing a user regardless if there is a job title set.

  • Creation date has been added to the header of User Management when viewing a user.

Calendars > Calendar Transfer Logs

Drive > Ownership Transfer Logs

  • Acting user has been added to Document Transfer Logs and Calendar Transfer Logs so admins can see which user initiated the transfer. Please note this will not be populated before today’s date.

Tools > Policies > New Policy > Select Actions > Add Send As

  • Policies will now set the send as to default if this option is chosen regardless if the send as was previously present. Prior to this change, if the send as already existed it would skip setting to default.

Search Bar

  • Tweaked how type-ahead search results are interpreted. This should improve the accuracy of the results, regardless of typing speed.


Bug Fixes

User Management > Add User

  • Fixed an issue where the Additional Info section was not showing when creating a user.

User Management > User > Profile Information

  • Fixed a UI bug that was appearing in User Profiles.

Plans & Billing > Actions > Manage Payment Method > Edit

  • Removed a third button that was displaying on the edit payment pop up.