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Updates to Decommissioning Actions

Decommissioning Update

On September 29, 2020, a new version of decommissioning will be pushed live. This is the first of many changes coming to the decommissioning section of gPanel. If there is a decommissioning policy you would like to see added, please submit a feature request with your account manager.

What's changing?

  • Decommissioning policies will have the ability to be enabled and disabled. If you have any existing policies they will be defaulted to active.

  • The process that is running decommissioning is being upgraded. All actions will be run serially. Previously some actions ran in parallel, that will no longer be the case. This will provide a more consistent order of operations for the decommissioning actions to follow.

  • In log view, all buttons and actions will be rolled up into an actions menu in the top right.

  • Decommissioning actions will have the ability to be set as complete. If a decommissioning action fails and an admin wants to take care of that action outside of the policy, the admin can complete it and the policy will move on.

  • Previously the delete user action would process regardless of logs being acknowledged. In the new version, the delete user action will have the optional step of having the logs acknowledged before deleting the user.

  • The document transfer action will be using Google’s Data Transfer API for processing. This will transfer all documents owned by the decommissioned user.

  • The calendar transfer action will be using Google’s Data Transfer API for processing. Previously all calendars were transferred, but in the new version only the primary calendar will be transferred.