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Defeat Device Distractions

With its powerful tools, gScholar gives administrators and teachers visibility and access to students' G Suite and Chromebook activity.

Discover how gScholar can help your School:

Send Messages to Your Class

gScholar allows teachers to send messages to individual students or an entire class quickly and easily. The messages show up automatically on the students' chromebooks for easy access. Teachers are able to view the history of their messages and are able to see whether or not the messages were opened by the students.

Open and Close Web

gScholar's Teacher Dashboard allows teachers to view and monitor students web activity as well as open and close tabs on the students' chromebooks. Teachers can conveniently open a tab for individual students, or the entire class, keeping students on track at all times. Students will automatically receive pop-up messages when tabs are opened and closed for easy tracking.

Take Screenshots of Your Class

gScholar's Teacher Dashboard allows teachers to take screenshots of an individual student's screen or the screen of all the students in their class. Screenshots are stored and organized in the history for each individual student. Taking a screenshot is simple and easy for teachers, allowing them to monitor and track what students are doing with ease.

Create Roles

gScholar allows admins full control over what actions their users are able to take by the use of custom roles. This gives admins three category options: admin, teacher and student roles, so that they can easily control what privileges each of these categories has access to for easy behavior control.

Take Advantage of Student Dashboard

gScholar provides a Student Dashboard for students where they are able to easily select their classes they are currently enrolled in. Students are able to switch back and forth between classes and see announcements, Drive, Calendar, Sites and other important information for each specific class that they are enrolled in. Student Dashboard gives your students the control that they need to stay organized and caught up with their work and events.


Additional Benefits of gScholar:

Teacher Dashboard

  • gScholar gives the power back to teachers. Teachers can see everything their students are doing on their devices including: track engagement by taking screenshots of students' screens, close and open URLs, and increase communication by sending and receiving messages directly from students. gScholar's Drive Explorer and Folder systems allow for easy homework collection and class management.

Geo Locator

  • gScholar has the capabilities of pinpointing the location of your Chromebooks by users but we provide the ability to identify geographical boundaries using point and click geofencing capabilities for designated areas for Chromebooks. Also, if devices are taken out of the geographical boundaries then admins will be notified by email, SMS or in-tool.

Asset Manager

  • gScholar's Asset Manager can pull device serial numbers right from the Google Management Console and tracks actionable asset information with flexible customization. You can use the barcode on the device or create QR codes for all types of assets such as : phones, books, calculators, and more.

Audit Agent

  • gScholar will track any action made in the tool with complete audit logs for admins. Admins and teachers can also view all communication between teachers and students, as well as website/policy violations and a complete student URL history.

Alerts Engine

  • gScholar will notify admins when any student violates an established web browsing policy or when a Chromebook leaves a configured geographical boundary.

gScholar - Annual

$800 per year

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$80 per user / per month

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$4 additional
per user / per year

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