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Promevo CEO Karthik Kripapuri & Team Honored with Channel Leadership Award at Google's ChromeOS Global Partner Summit

COVINGTON, Ky., Oct. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Promevo, a leading provider of Google solutions, is proud to announce that its CEO, Karthik Kripapuri, has been recognized and honored with the prestigious Channel Leadership Award at Google's ChromeOS Global Partner Summit in New York City earlier this month. While presented to Kripapuri, this esteemed award acknowledges the entire Promevo team's exceptional leadership and collaboration with the Google Chrome team, solidifying its position as a trusted ChromeOS partner.

This achievement is a testament to Promevo's unwavering dedication to advancing the ChromeOS ecosystem and delivering innovative solutions to customers. During the awards ceremony, Google representatives cited the following initiatives as driving forces behind the recognition:

  • CEU Trials on the Promevo Webshop: Promevo's commitment to continuous improvement and client satisfaction is evident in its innovative implementation of Chrome Enterprise Upgrade (CEU) trials on its webshop. This initiative has enabled more businesses to experience the comprehensive benefits of ChromeOS firsthand.
  • API Ordering Integration: Promevo was one of the first direct partners to implement advanced API ordering capabilities. This feature streamlines the procurement process for Chrome devices, bringing the ordering process closer to the customer and creating a more positive purchasing experience.
  • gPanel® Platform: Promevo's proprietary Google Workspace management platform, gPanel®, integrates with not only Google Workspace but also ChromeOS devices, empowering organizations to see the value of the Google platform from end to end.
  • Driving Cross-Platform Adoption: Promevo's commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions has resulted in successful cross-sell efforts by driving Google Workspace clients to adopt Google Chrome. This strategy ensures clients embrace the full potential of the Google platform, giving them access to tailored and effective business solutions.

Karthik Kripapuri, CEO of Promevo, expressed his gratitude for the award, saying, "We are truly honored to receive the Channel Leadership Award from the Google Chrome team. This recognition was truly a team effort and highlights our dedication to innovation, collaboration, and our shared vision of empowering organizations with the best-in-class ChromeOS solutions. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Google to drive even greater advancements in the future."

Promevo's exceptional performance in these key areas has solidified its standing as a trusted Google partner and advocate of ChromeOS. The Channel Leadership Award is a testament to the unwavering commitment and expertise that Promevo brings to its clients.

For more information about Promevo's innovative solutions, please visit www.promevo.com.


About Promevo

Promevo is a trusted Google Premier Partner that offers Google Workspace, Google Chrome, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) products, services, and proprietary software to help customers navigate, monitor, and optimize their Google technology infrastructure. Promevo is committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences and driving business success through the power of Google solutions.

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