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Promevo Launches Enhanced Enterprise Tier of gPanel® Software for Unparalleled Workspace Management and Reporting

COVINGTON, Ky.  - Business Wire - Promevo, a leading provider of Google solutions, is thrilled to announce the release of the highly anticipated Enterprise tier of its gPanel® user management and reporting tool for Google Workspace. This advanced edition of the proprietary software is designed to empower businesses with unparalleled Workspace management and reporting capabilities, taking their Google experience to the next level. 

As organizations continue to leverage the power of Google Workspace to streamline their operations and drive productivity, gPanel® Enterprise emerges as the ultimate solution for administrators seeking to optimize their management and reporting processes. 

Packed with an array of powerful features, this new tier is set to revolutionize the way businesses harness the full potential of Google Workspace.

Key features of the gPanel® Enterprise tier include:

  • gPanel® API: gPanel® Enterprise seamlessly integrates with other operational systems and tools through its robust API, enabling organizations to automate workflows, increase efficiency, and drive productivity across their entire technology ecosystem. The gPanel® API also allows administrators to access all system logs and automate onboarding, decommissioning, and standard policies. 
  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics: gPanel® Enterprise provides in-depth insights into user activity, storage usage, and application adoption. Administrators can generate customizable reports and leverage data-driven analytics to make informed decisions and optimize their Google Workspace environment. These reports span a user’s entire lifecycle, going well beyond the six-month reports available in the Google Admin console. 
  • Advanced User Management: With enhanced user management tools, administrators gain comprehensive control over user access, permissions, and security settings. Streamlined workflows ensure efficient onboarding, offboarding, and management of user accounts.
  • Delegated Administration: This feature enables the delegation of administrative tasks to specific users or teams within the organization, empowering them with the necessary control while maintaining overall security and compliance.
  • Enhanced Security and Compliance: gPanel® Enterprise offers advanced security features, including auditing and monitoring tools, allowing administrators to detect and address potential security threats proactively. The software also facilitates compliance with industry regulations, data protection policies, and internal governance requirements.

The Advanced Reporting capabilities  and gPanel® API are Enterprise-exclusive features and are not currently available in gPanel® Starter or Standard. These tools were developed using real feedback from software users and members of a Client Advisory Board, supporting Promevo's goal of being both product-led and client-driven. 

"We are thrilled to introduce the Enterprise tier of gPanel® software, marking a significant milestone in our commitment to providing cutting-edge Google Workspace solutions," said John Pettit, Chief Technology Officer at Promevo. "This new tier offers an unparalleled set of features that will empower businesses to take full control of their Google Workspace environment, optimize their management processes, and unlock valuable insights through advanced reporting capabilities."

Promevo's gPanel® Enterprise tier is available now, and interested organizations can learn more and request a demo by visiting: https://promevo.com/gpanel/enterprise. To register for Promevo’s upcoming gPanel Enterprise webinar, visit: https://promevo.com/webinar-gpanel-enterprise-aug2023 


About Promevo

Promevo is a trusted Google Premier Partner that offers Google Workspace, Google Chrome, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) products, services, and proprietary software to help customers navigate, monitor, and optimize their Google technology infrastructure. Promevo is committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences and driving business success through the power of Google solutions.

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