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New Reports Show How Promevo Partner Cameyo Helps Accelerate Enterprise Growth With ChromeOS Adoption

As organizations strive to expand their horizons and drive sustainable enterprise growth, they encounter an array of challenges that can test their resilience and strategic capabilities. The path to success is no longer a linear trajectory but a complex digital journey filled with obstacles and opportunities.

According to a 2021 report by McKinsey & Company, 90% of companies anticipate that most of their employees will continue to work remotely or adopt a hybrid model. This trend puts new pressure on IT teams to continually adapt to protect their organization’s data. Now, they must be able to securely deliver the same experience, applications, and data to workers no matter where they are.  


Enter ChromeOS and Cameyo

Cameyo is a Promevo partner and Chrome Enterprise Recommended cloud desktop solution that enables you to deliver any application to any device without the need for Windows-based virtual desktops or VPNs. Its Virtual App Delivery (VAD) technology enables you to provide your people with a seamless, native application experience by delivering every app as a PWA — all while eliminating the cost and complexity of traditional VDI and DaaS. 

Together, ChromeOS and Cameyo support hybrid and remote work environments by enabling secure access to business-critical applications so that all employees can be productive from anywhere.


The Proof Is In the Data

Companies using both ChromeOS and Cameyo report that enabling hybrid and remote workers with an effective VAD platform provides a positive return on investment while increasing security, reducing complexity, and providing greater flexibility.

If you need convincing, ChromeOS and Cameyo have commissioned two leading analyst firms — IDC and Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) — to conduct research and provide third-party validation of the joint value that ChromeOS and Cameyo are bringing to enterprises.

IDC Report: Accelerating Enterprise Adoption of Cloud-First Operating Systems with Virtual App Delivery 

The first study commissioned by ChromeOS and Cameyo explores how remote and hybrid work has driven more organizations to explore cloud-first operating systems like ChromeOS to reduce cost and increase security.

Specifically, this IDC report looks at the role of cloud-first virtualization solutions like Virtual App Delivery in accelerating the adoption of ChromeOS.

Finally, through careful analysis, IDC leverages real-world data to demonstrate how combining Cameyo with ChromeOS devices enables enterprises to pursue enterprise growth imperatives while increasing security, lowering costs, and improving the user experience.

“Combining Cameyo's VAD solution with ChromeOS devices enables enterprises to continue to pursue strategic imperatives while increasing security, lowering costs, improving the user experience for greater productivity, and extending the lifespan of devices,” writes Shannon Kalvar, Research Director of Virtual Client Computing at IDC in the aforementioned report.

“This results in a win-win scenario for both end users and IT. End users get seamless and productive work experiences from anywhere, and IT gets a more secure, flexible, and cost-effective solution that requires fewer IT resources to deploy and manage.”

Click the button below to download your complimentary copy of IDC’s analysis.


ESG Report: Analyzing the Economic Benefits of ChromeOS and Cameyo

The second report commissioned by ChromeOS and Cameyo features a three-month-long study where ESG analysts interviewed joint ChromeOS and Cameyo customers. In particular, the study identifies the total cost of ownership (TCO) of ChromeOS and Cameyo compared to ChromeOS and VDI.

Through their analysis, ESG verified that organizations using Cameyo and ChromeOS could lower costs by up to 54% when compared to those using ChromeOS and VDI.  

Click the button below to access a free copy of the report and learn how ESG’s analysts reached this conclusion.


Accelerate Enterprise Growth with Cameyo, Chrome OS & Promevo

Promevo is proud to partner with both ChromeOS and Cameyo to help companies secure their data and achieve enterprise growth. We provide best-in-class consultation and implementation support services designed to help organizations embrace the full potential of their Google products and accelerate their digital journeys.  
We hope these two reports help you understand the joint value that ChromeOS and Cameyo bring to enterprises, especially at a time when data security is more important than ever. Contact us to learn more about how Promevo partners with both entities to take your business from beginning to next.

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