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Everything You Need to Know About the Chrome Enterprise Upgrade

The Chrome Enterprise Upgrade provides a simple and secure way to manage your devices. With 500+ advanced security, update, app, browser, extension, and user policies, you can easily manage and deploy pre-set policies based on Google’s recommendations. Using an intuitive admin console, you can effectively manage ChromeOS devices.


What is Chrome Enterprise Upgrade?

The Chrome Enterprise Upgrade aims to unlock the built-in business capabilities of ChromeOS devices and make it easier and safer to manage your organization’s devices.

This upgrade allows for remote management through a cloud-based console, making it easier for teams that are spread out to stay connected and protected.


Chrome Enterprise Upgrade Capabilities

So, what are the advanced features of the Chrome Enterprise Upgrade? Here are some key advantages to note.

  • Advanced Security - This update allows IT and security teams to protect data with customizable enterprise-grade security controls. You can also add malware protection and data loss prevention for high-risk users. In case of an emergency, the Chrome Enterprise Upgrade offers 24/7 IT admin support.
  • Simplified Orchestration - Purchasing the Chrome Enterprise Upgrade is simple, and once it's added, you’ll enjoy easy configuration and deployment with pre-set policies based on Google recommendations.
  • Flexible Access - You can easily manage enterprise features and policies for your Chrome devices using the Google Admin console. This allows managers to work flexibly and protect users and their data.

How Many Chrome Enterprise Upgrades Do I Need to Purchase?

To purchase the Chrome Enterprise Upgrade, you’ll need to purchase an upgrade for each device you want to manage. Once purchased, you can enroll devices, configure settings, and apply policies to users and devices in your organization. When you place your order, get the number of upgrades you think you’ll need — you can always purchase additional upgrades later.

The Chrome Enterprise Upgrade offers a free 30-day trial for standalone ChromeOS devices. The trial is limited to 50 devices. To enroll additional hardware, you’ll need to order the Chrome Enterprise Upgrade. For assistance purchasing and managing this upgrade, work with a Google partner such as Promevo for help.


Google Chrome Enterprise Upgrade with Promevo


How Can I Reassign a Chrome Enterprise Upgrade?

Chrome Enterprise Upgrades offers you the ability to transfer Chrome Enterprise Upgrades between devices as an Enterprise Client. Unfortunately for Education and Non Profit institutions your Chrome Enterprise Upgrades are Perpetual and do not offer a transfer feature. 

Transferring Chrome Enterprise Upgrades can be done through the Google Admin console and won't cost anything additional. 

Each Chrome Enterprise Upgrade will last for the life of the device for all Education and Non Profit Institutions, and for Enterprise clients just the same as long as they are renewed yearly with your Google Partner such as Promevo!


Why Promevo?

For assistance managing ChromeOS devices, upgrading your organization, and optimizing your Google tools, look to Promevo. Promevo is a certified Google partner, and we use expertise, agility, and commitment to guide you in your Google journey and help you make the most of these innovative tools. Start the conversation today about your ChromeOS devices and purchasing a Chrome Enterprise Upgrade.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chrome Enterprise different from Chrome?

The Chrome browser for the enterprise, often called Chrome Enterprise, is the same as the Chrome browser used by consumers. The main difference is in how the browser is deployed and managed.

How can I tell if I have Chrome Enterprise?

To check if you have Chrome Enterprise, open Chrome, then click “More” in the top right corner. Check the bottom of the Menu. If it says “Managed by your organization,” you have Chrome Enterprise.


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