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Chrome Parallels for Desktop

Chrome Parallels for Desktop allows your users to access and use Microsoft Windows applications and files on their ChromeOS devices. Thanks to the full-featured Windows apps available through Parallels Desktop, your organization can access them from anywhere and enjoy a high-performing user experience, enabling seamless productivity.

If you need to run Windows applications on your ChromeOS devices, here’s what you need to know about Parallels Desktop.


Parallels Desktop for ChromeOS: What Are the System Requirements?

Before enrolling your devices and enabling Parallels Desktop, your device needs to meet the minimum requirements.

Hardware Requirements

  1. Compatible Board - Ensure your board is compatible with the system. Check the Parallels list of supported devices here: https://www.parallels.com/products/desktop/chrome/resources/ 
  2. Processor - Check that your processor is compatible. Compatible processors include:
    1. An 8th Gen or newer Intel Core i5/i7.
    2. An 11th Gen or newer Intel Core i3/i5/i7.
    3. An AMD Ryzen 3000 Series (Zen 2 based) Ryzen 5/7.
    4. An AMD Ryzen 5000 Series (Zen 3 based) Ryzen 3/5/7.
  3. Memory - Your device must have a minimum of 8GB of RAM.
  4. Storage - Your device must have a minimum of 128GB of internal storage.

Software Requirements

  1. ChromeOS Version - You must have ChromeOS version 85 or later.
  2. Google Admin Console - You’ll use the Google Admin console to set up units and users and configure properties for Parallels Desktop. To perform these tasks, you must be an admin with proper permissions or a super admin in the Google Admin console.
  3. Enterprise Licenses - Your subscription needs the Chrome Enterprise Upgrade or Chrome Education Upgrade license. Learn more about ChromeOS device management here: https://support.google.com/chrome/a/answer/1289314 
  4. Microsoft Windows - A Windows license and Microsoft Windows ISO image are required.


Enrolling ChromeOS Devices

To enroll your ChromeOS-supported devices for Parallels Desktop, you can work with a Google partner, such as Promevo, to help ensure you meet the requirements. Working with a certified partner enables you to benefit from their Google expertise, and you’ll have help troubleshooting if you need it.


Enable & Redeem Parallels Desktop for ChromeOS

The timeline for enabling and redeeming Parallels Desktop varies depending on how many devices you have and if you choose to work with a Google partner. The process includes:

  1. Admin Console Setup - First, you’ll set up the organizational unit for your ChromeOS Parallels and enroll the proper devices. Remember you’ll need proper permissions as an admin or super admin.
  2. Create Windows Virtual Machine - Next, you’ll download the Windows ISO image and create a virtual machine.
  3. Install Windows - Then, you’ll follow the directions to install Windows.
  4. Install Parallels Tools - Next, it’s time to launch the Parallels Tools installer so you can access these resources.
  5. Export Virtual Machine - Now, you’ll export the Windows virtual machine as an image file so it’s available for users to download.
  6. Upload and Enable Windows Image - Finally, you’ll need to upload the Windows image, working within any data transfer limits associated with your storage server.


ChromeOS Licensing

As mentioned, you’ll need either the Chrome Enterprise Upgrade or Chrome Education Upgrade to get Chrome Parallels for Desktop. You can learn more about ChromeOS licensing here, or you can talk to a certified Google partner to inquire about pricing, features, and benefits.


Why Promevo?

If you’re looking to enhance your ChromeOS devices with a Parallels Desktop subscription, Promevo can help. Since 2001, Promevo has worked as a Google partner offering our expertise, commitment, and reliable solutions to our clients.

Whether you’re just starting your Google journey and need help selecting and purchasing ChromeOS devices or you want to purchase Parallels Desktop and manage your subscription, we’re here for you. Contact us today to get started.

Count on Promevo’s In-House Expertise to Streamline Your Google Journey


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Parallels Desktop on Chromebook?

Parallels Desktop allows ChromeOS users to access and use Microsoft Windows applications and files, including Microsoft Office.

How do I get Parallels Desktop on my Chromebook?

To install and configure Parallels Desktop on your Chromebook, you can work with a Google partner who can ensure you meet the requirements and properly install Parallels Desktop. You can also independently purchase and configure Parallels Desktop for ChromeOS devices.


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