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Chromebooks Have an Expiration Date: Here’s How to Check

Chromebooks are some of the most dynamic laptops on the market today. But even with all of the great features that your Chromebook offers, no computer lasts forever. At some point in every Chrome device’s lifespan, there will come a point when Google’s Auto-Update Expiration (AUE) prevents the device from functioning as well as it should. 

It’s important to know your Chromebook’s expiration date in order to plan for a timely replacement.

Unsure about how to find ChromeOS expiration dates for your device? Here’s how to check.


How to Check Your Own Chromebook for its Expiration Date

If you’re already the proud owner of your very own Chromebook, you can check your Chromebook’s AUE date by yourself:

  • Click the time, and then Settings
  • Click About ChromeOS at the bottom left of the screen, then click Additional details
  • There will be a section called Update schedule where you can find your AUE date

What Is the AUE Date on a Chromebook?

Google gives every Chromebook device an Auto-Update Expiration date. This is the expiration date for the device, after which updates will no longer be provided and the Chromebook will become obsolete. 

Once the AUE date arrives, your Chromebook will stop getting automatic software updates from Google; including security updates, bug fixes, and new features. The loss of updates will likely cause apps and browser extensions to stop working properly.  You can still use a Chromebook past its AUE, but it won’t function as well as it used to. 


Why Does My Chromebook Have an Auto Update Expiry Date?

There are two primary reasons that your Chromebook has an AUE date:

Security Guarantee

The first reason that Google uses AUEs for Chromebooks is because of security. By using an AUE, Google can provide better security features for newer devices using ChromeOS.

Regular security patches and software updates keep devices using the Chrome operating system safe to use, but Google can’t guarantee support for non-Google hardware indefinitely. AUE dates guarantee that your Chromebook stays safe as new security threats emerge.

Hardware that Becomes Obsolete

Another reason Google encourages users to replace their Chromebooks is because of hardware. Even if you’re still using the same Chromebook without issue, it won’t be long before it falls behind the technological curve.

When hardware becomes obsolete, things like storage capacity and processing power can feel insufficient compared to the newest versions of the same device. With an Auto Update Expiration, Google ensures that you’re always using the most agile, powerful hardware. 


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Why It’s Essential to Check the AUE on a New Chromebook

Checking the AUE on a new Chromebook will help you plan for your next Chromebook purchase in the future.

Since Chromebook updates will eventually expire, it’s important to know exactly how much time you have before you need to invest in another device. Most new Chromebooks are supported for a minimum of eight years, which gives you almost a solid decade to research your Chromebook options and set aside funds for a replacement ChromeOS device.


Know When Your Chromebook Expires

Before you pick up your next Chromebook, you can check the auto expiration date with a few simple steps.

  • Go to Google’s Auto Update Policy Page and scroll to the Google-approved ChromeOS devices section
  • Locate your Chromebook manufacturer and click on that section (Acer, Lenovo, Samsung, etc.) or click Expand all
  • You’ll see a list of products with corresponding Auto Update Expiration dates, scroll until you find the make and model of your device

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does ChromeOS expire?

Yes, Chrome devices are equipped with an Auto Update Expiration that will stop the computer from updating after a certain date. Once an AUE date is reached, existing and future policies may not work as intended, and technical support will not be provided.

What happens to a Chromebook after five years?

If a Chromebook is more than five years old, you may receive a notification warning saying: "This device will no longer receive software updates. You can continue using your computer but should consider upgrading."


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