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What You Need to Know About Duet AI for Google Cloud

Earlier this month, we published an article on Duet AI for Google Workspace and its potential benefits and use cases for different industries. However, this tool isn’t the only way Google is injecting the power of generative artificial intelligence — also known as gen AI — into its products.   

Google Cloud, a pioneer in cloud computing solutions, continues to redefine possibilities with Duet AI for Google Cloud. This groundbreaking offering is only available in preview right now, but it holds the potential to transform the way businesses operate, collaborate, and leverage the power of gen AI in the workplace.


Understanding Duet AI: A Fusion of Human & Machine Intelligence

Duet AI for Google Cloud is a cutting-edge platform that brings together the prowess of human expertise and the efficiency of artificial intelligence. It’s built on the foundation of Google's state-of-the-art language model and is designed to facilitate seamless collaboration and application development. 

This platform is designed to empower businesses by delivering a new cloud experience that’s personalized and intent-driven and building secure, scalable apps.

Key Features & Benefits

1. Natural Language Interaction

Duet AI facilitates interactions with complex data and analytics through natural language. This means that business users, regardless of their technical background, can effortlessly engage with data and receive answers in real time on specific development or cloud-related questions without the need for specialized training.

For example, Duet AI’s can generate detailed implementation plans for cloud projects. It also provides information on architectural or coding best practices, reducing the need to go searching for relevant documents. 

2. Code Assistance

Duet AI for Google Cloud provides AI-driven code assistance for application developers, data engineers, and cloud users of all experience levels

Simply start typing and receive recommendations as you go. Duet AI can even generate full functions and code blocks as well as identify potential vulnerabilities and errors in your code. 

The tool currently supports multiple coding languages including Go, Java, Javascript, Python, and SQL.

3. Development Assistance 

Duet AI lets users create intelligent business applications, connect their data, and build workflows into Google Workspace using the AppSheet platform.

Using chat-guided, AI-powered prompts, anyone in your organization can build a custom application for your business. This makes app creation accessible to more users, allowing your developer teams to focus their time on other high-impact work.


Unlocking the Potential: Use Cases

Duet AI for Financial Services

Want to develop a mobile application to help your organization dissect market trends, identify investment opportunities, and assess risk factors? With Duet AI, you can. 

Simply use Duet AI’s prompts to describe the capabilities you need, and the tool will help you generate a custom application via AppSheet that gives your team members all the information they need. 

Duet AI for Engineering Organizations

Engineering is a complex industry. Still, you can’t expect everyone in your organization to be familiar with coding languages, advanced computing techniques, and other complicated processes. 

Duet AI for Google Cloud makes it easier for technical and non-technical stakeholders to communicate with one another. Using natural language interactions, you can generate responses to specific inquiries that are easy to understand — no matter your teammates’ experience levels.  

Duet AI for Enterprises 

Large organizations frequently have massive code bases and specific recommended frameworks and best practices, which generic code assistance solutions may not be best positioned to support. 

With Duet AI, developers can easily optimize their code bases and customize them for the specific needs of your organization. 



Duet AI for Google Cloud represents a significant leap forward in the realm of artificial intelligence and collaboration. 

By seamlessly integrating the capabilities of AI with the intuitive nature of human language as well as fostering communication between technical and non-technical stakeholders, this tool empowers businesses to harness the full potential of the cloud. 

Duet AI for Google Cloud is available in preview. Contact Promevo today to learn how it will provide your organization a competitive edge by fostering a culture of innovation, teamwork, and streamlined operations.


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