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gPanel® Webinar Recap: Enhancing the Google Workspace Admin Experience

In May, Promevo hosted a gPanel® webinar to demonstrate the proprietary platform's most essential capabilities. Hosted by Promevo’s own Erin Marchand and David Aulick, this live demo and Q&A is a great resource for Google Workspace admins looking to increase efficiency and achieve greater visibility over their Google environment. 

In case you couldn’t make it to the gPanel webinar, here were our main takeaways.


But First, What Is gPanel®?

gPanel by Promevo is an exclusive Google Workspace management and reporting solution. In fact, it’s one of the most used Admin consoles across all platforms, with over 4 million users and counting.

gPanel provides administrators with all the tools they need to manage users effectively in their domain while safeguarding sensitive data. Not only does gPanel give you the ability to take precise administrative action, but it also allows you to oversee files, email communications, and other internal processes within your company. Regardless of the size of your business, any Google Workspace domain can benefit from this tool. 


Secure. Administer. Protect.
See how gPanel® can benefit your business. 


3 Key Takeaways from the May gPanel Webinar

Automation Is A Google Workspace Admin’s Best Friend

During the gPanel webinar, our presenters demonstrated how to create a variety of automated workflows for onboarding, decommissioning, and other common use cases. For example, we looked at how to easily add all your new hires to groups, give them access to their predecessors’ files, and automatically apply their new email signature.  

Automation streamlines and reduces errors in mission-critical processes, helping Google Workspace Admins complete tasks more efficiently. 

No One Has Time for Manual Entry 

Speaking of efficiency, one of main barriers Google Workspace Admins face is the manual entry of new users, groups, signatures, and other data sets.  

In the May gPanel webinar, our presenters also demonstrated the different bulk operations that Admins can complete in the platform. We showed how users can quickly modify settings across their organization, including eliminating malicious emails and establishing centralized email forwarding management. Likewise, attendees learned how to easily create, modify, and delete user accounts; set policies; and establish role granularity — all in bulk.

These capabilities are crucial to not only helping Google Workspace Admins reclaim time in their day but also empowering companies to achieve organization-wide efficiency. 

More Reporting Means More Control 

Promevo has been hard at work increasing the reporting capabilities in gPanel. Just this year, we’ve rolled out several new, highly-requested reports and dashboards to help users achieve more visibility and control over their Google Workspace environment. Check out the latest gPanel release notes here. 

Now, we proudly offer more than 40 unique reports in the gPanel Standard tier, the most essential of which our presenters highlighted in the May gPanel webinar. 

From Gmail activities and license type reports to archived users and calendar event reports, gPanel gives Google Workspace Admins  more ways to ‘slice and dice’ their data beyond what is available in the Google Admin Console. These reporting capabilities give Admins complete visibility and control over users’ data and settings.


Interested in gPanel®?

Whether you're new to gPanel and want to  or you’re a long-time user looking to experience advanced functionality, Promevo is here to help. 

We can help you harness the robust capabilities of Google to completely reinvent the way you do business and accelerate the growth of your company like never before. With the expertise, agility, and commitment you can only get from a partner that is solely, 100% Google-focused, our team is with you every step of your digital journey. 

Click here to access the May gPanel webinar and learn how to leverage the platform’s most-essential features. You can also contact us to schedule a private demo.


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