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Comparing gPanel® Enterprise Versus Google Admin Console

When it comes to managing and optimizing a Google Workspace environment, administrators need powerful tools that streamline tasks and ensure efficient operations.

Two prominent options in the market right now are gPanel® and Google Admin Console.

Google Admin Console is Google’s own centralized dashboard that helps admins manage all of their Chrome devices and Google Workspace services. It lets you manage users, devices, apps, billing preferences, and more.

gPanel, on the other hand, is Promevo's proprietary Google Workspace management and reporting platform. This centralized user management, reporting, and security interface automates many common admin tasks and provides visibility and complete control over users’ data and settings.

To take our clients’ Google experience to the next level, we recently unveiled gPanel Enterprise. This brand new product tier gives Workspace administrators access to more advanced reporting capabilities, API integrations, and other exclusive features that enhance efficiency, security, and control.

Both solutions include a robust feature set designed to enhance the admin experience. That said, which is right for you?

Let’s compare gPanel Enterprise versus Google Admin Console to help you understand how the platforms differ and determine which one best suits your organization's needs.


gPanel® Enterprise Versus Google Admin Console: A Comparison 

Features & Functionality

Both gpanel enterprise and google admin console provide essential administrative functionalities, such as user management, group settings, and user access controls.

However, gPanel Enterprise takes it a step further by offering additional features designed to enhance the administrative experience.

One notable feature of gPanel Enterprise is the new gPanel API. This tool gives administrators access to admin system logs and allows them to automate employee onboarding and offboarding as well as decommissioning and standard policies.

The API also enables businesses to connect the gPanel platform with other third-party applications or internal systems, expanding the scope of automation and customizing Google Workspace management processes to align with specific organizational needs.

gPanel Enterprise offers comprehensive reporting tools that deliver invaluable insights into your Google Workspace usage. Administrators can access detailed analytics on user activities, email traffic, storage usage, and more. These reports empower organizations to identify trends, optimize resources, and enhance productivity.

Plus, gPanel Enterprise’s data spans users’ full lifecycle, going above and beyond the six-month activities reports available in Google Admin console.  

Automation & Bulk Actions
In a large organization with hundreds or thousands of users, automation and bulk actions are essential to save time and effort.

While Google Admin Console does offer automation capabilities, many users report that they aren’t always  user-friendly. Automation in Google Admin Console can be difficult to implement for admins that don’t have a highly technical skill set.

gPanel Enterprise's automation tools allow administrators to create custom workflows, enabling admins to codify their organization policies to ensure consistency, compliance, and transparency. It also allows you to automate repetitive tasks and set up alerts for specific events, all of which contribute to a more streamlined administrative process.

Automation is easy to deploy and adopt in gPanel, making it a great solution for organizations that want to streamline workflows but don’t necessarily have the technical expertise. 

Customizability & Flexibility
The Google Admin Console is a standard solution provided by Google, and while it covers the basics, it might lack the customization options required by some organizations.

gPanel Enterprise, on the other hand, offers a more flexible approach, allowing administrators to tailor the interface and settings to align with their organization's unique needs.

Additionally, gPanel Enterprise provides granular controls and permission settings, enabling administrators to grant access to specific features based on roles, ensuring a more secure and organized administrative environment.

Support & Updates
One crucial aspect of any admin solution is the availability of support and regular updates. Google Admin Console benefits from Google's support channels and receives timely updates as part of the Google Workspace ecosystem.

gPanel Enterprise — and all other gPanel tiers — are backed by Promevo’s dedicated support team. Our Google-Certified experts provide holistic, personalized support to guide you on your Google journey.From upfront consultation and implementation to training and troubleshooting, we’re with you every step of the way.  

Additionally, gPanel is continuously optimized to meet our clients’ evolving needs. We pride ourselves on being both product-led and customer-driven, so we can provide the most relevant solutions and advanced offerings.  


Get Started With gPanel Enterprise 
Choosing between gPanel Enterprise and Google Admin Console depends on the specific requirements and priorities of your organization.

Google Admin Console offers a familiar interface and essential features that cater to many businesses' needs.

However, if you require advanced reporting, API integrations, scalability, and ease-of-use, gPanel Enterprise might be the better choice.

Before making a decision, it's essential to thoroughly evaluate both solutions and consider how well they align with your organization's size, complexity, and long-term administrative goals.

Consider leveraging demos to experience the platforms firsthand and ensure they meet your expectations. Ultimately, the right admin solution will empower your team to manage Google Workspace more efficiently, enabling a seamless and productive user experience.


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