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Optimize Your Google Cloud Platform with Promevo's Health Check Service

The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) gives teams the chance to move faster, be more agile, and innovate their businesses. By utilizing innovative Google applications, you can change the way your organization communicates and works together to succeed.

As certified Google experts, Promevo helps teams maximize the services offered by the Google Cloud Platform. Our health check service is one such way we support you as you navigate these tools. Our certified Google Cloud Architects use a comprehensive checklist to assess the status of your cloud infrastructure and identify pain points. 

When you invest in our health check service, you’ll receive evaluations of Budget Alerts, Project Structure, IAM right-sizing, GCP service access, appropriateness of using Cloud Identity free usage, and efficiency of data pipelines. We also assess for overspend, over-allocation, and the need for billing visibility. In return, you’ll get the most out of your Google Cloud Platform environment.


Benefits of the Promevo Health Check 

Some key benefits of our health check service include:

  • Certified Google Professional Cloud Architect review
  • Make sense of the resources within one or more GCP projects
  • Organization, project, and folder structural analysis
  • Surface cost and resource inefficiencies
  • Solution recommendations

What We Need from You: 

  • Temporary read-only access to your GCP environment
  • A single point of contact available to answer questions or provide access

What You Get in Return: 

Upon completing our health check service, Promevo will provide a report summary of your cloud infrastructure. The report includes an overview of evaluated areas and recommendations for improvement.

This may also include suggestions for optimizing Budget Alerts, which ensures you get notifications for:

  • Overspend
  • Organizing Project Structure for Optimization 
  • Adjusting Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Identifying Inefficiencies in Data Pipelines

We may also give recommendations for reducing the over-allocation of resources and improving billing visibility so your team can better control costs. Our health check service aims to provide actionable insights and guidance, so you realize the full capabilities of your Google Cloud Platform environment. 

Not only does Promevo provide expert insight from certified Google Cloud Architects, but we are also committed to outstanding customer service. At every step of your health check, we are here to answer your questions, customize solutions, and support your Google journey. 


Service Packages

Basic Service

Areas Covered:

  • Organization, Project, and Folder Structural Review
  • Resource Overspend
  • Over Allocation of Compute Resources
  • Storage Class Analysis
  • Report Generation Process Review

Pro Service

Areas Covered:

  • Everything in Basic Service
  • Billing Visibility
  • Billing Consolidation
  • Budget Alerting
  • Alerting and Monitoring
  • IAM Structural & Over Permissioning Review
  • GCP Service Access
  • Solution Recommendations
  • ELT Gap Review

Enterprise Service

Areas Covered

  • Everything in Pro Service
  • Cloud Application Analysis
  • Implementation Roadmap
  • Data Warehouse Review


  Basic Pro Enterprise
Health Check Service Up to 8 hours Up to 24 hours Contact us for Quote
Maximum Duration 1 Day 3 Days -


Why Promevo

When you choose Promevo, you’ll benefit from working with our certified Google Cloud Architects, who can review your GCP environment to ensure the best performance possible.

We want our customers to get the most out of their Google tools, which is why our architects use specialized techniques to assess your applications. In turn, you’ll maximize the effectiveness of the Google Cloud Platform. Reach out to us today to get started.


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Terms and Conditions

Please note that the details of our Health Check offering are subject to change. Any service offering is subject to the terms and conditions outlined in the Promevo Cloud Services agreement.

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