Workspace Is Better With Google Voice

With best-in-class security, a reliable calling infrastructure, and an intuitive admin and user experience, Google Voice lets you spend less time managing technology and more time moving your business forward.

The Workplace Has Changed

With the rise of remote and hybrid work, having the right communication tools is critical.

Voice communications continues to be a fast, low friction way to reach, or be reached by, colleagues, partners, and customers, but it needs to support the modern working environment.

Introducing: Google Voice. This scalable cloud-based phone solution that leverages Google’s AI to offer an intuitive calling experience that helps people stay connected and save time.

Connect and save time from any device, anywhere

Google Voice uses powerful AI to ensure your employees stay connected to each other and their customers.

With best-in-class security, a reliable calling infrastructure, and an intuitive admin and user experience, Google Voice lets you spend less time managing technology and more time moving your business forward.

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Why Google Voice?


Google Voices works where and how you do:

  • Single phone line works seamlessly across desktop, mobile, and desk phones
  • Do not disturb mode promotes periods of extra focus
  • Intuitive admin console lets you customize ring groups and port numbers, and add new users at scale


Voice saves time with Google AI:

  • Auto Attendants route callers to the right place and include multi-language text-to-speech
  • AI-driven spam detection eliminates unwanted callers
  • Voicemail transcription helps you get to messages faster


The Enterprise Plus plan is recommended for the biggest organizations with the most pressing data storage, security, and compliance demands. This plan includes:

  • 5 TB storage x (number of users) pooled
  • Google Vault
  • Auditing and reporting
  • Data Loss Prevention for Gmail and Drive
  • Security Center featuring Investigation Tool, Security Dashboard, and Health Page
  • Full access to all Google Workspace Apps
  • S/MIME email encryption
  • Enhanced noise cancellation during video meetings 
  • AppSheet Core
  • Transparency logs for admins
  • Livestreaming for up to 100,000 viewers

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Accessible Across Your Workspace

Google Voice is a smart, simple and scalable phone system built for Google Workspace aimed to delight users and admins alike.

  • Make and receive calls directly from Gmail
  • Call into Google Meet meetings in HD at no cost
  • Synchronize out of office and working hours from Calendar


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Secure, Global Infrastructure

Google Voice leverages the power of Google AI to deliver security, quality, and reliability at scale.

  • High performance and reliability with 99.9% uptime SLA
  • Optimal call quality with automatic VOIP and PSTN routing
  • Industry-leading security and privacy


Centralized and Automated

Our gPanel management and security interface automates common admin tasks and provides centralized control for all data and settings.


gPanel Starter Edition Bundle

For business and government clients, the gPanel starter edition is automatically bundled in with Google Workspace licenses.


Dedicated Support

Our in-house, dedicated support team is always ready to serve you. You’ll have access to our Google Certified Engineer team for data migrations and custom technical projects.

Ready to get started with Google Voice?

Why Promevo?

We work with you to understand your unique needs and develop a custom solution designed to scale with your business as it grows. In fact, there are plenty of advantages to partnering with Promevo.

If you want to accelerate the growth of your company, Promevo has the Google Workspace solutions you need. With our expert consultation, comprehensive support, and exceptional service from end-to-end, you can drive maximum collaboration and productivity in your organization.


Advanced Automation and Precision Control

  • gPanel®️ management and security give you the tools you need to automate everyday admin tasks and control all user data and settings.

End-to-end Solutions Specific to Your Needs

  • We provide our partners with everything they need for their Google Workspace, including software licenses, hardware, professional services, and continuous support and customization. 

Advisory Workshops

  • We leverage our Google expertise to guide our clients and maximize success. From strategy assessment to internal advocacy and thought leadership, Promevo’s advisory workshops are designed to produce the best outcomes.

Certifications and Google Expertise

  • Our Google Certified Engineer team supports our clients with unparalleled technical support and Google expertise.

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