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Upgraded Interface for Calendar Tools

gPanel® Platform Update: Upgraded Interface for Calendar Tools 

April 2, 2023, 10:00 am


What's Changing

Promevo has rolled out a new user interface (UI) for gPanel's® calendar tools, including resource calendars, resource templates, and calendar transfer logs. 

With the new calendar UI, admins are able to view all of the calendars a user subscribes too — not just the ones they own. They also have access to more event details, a simplified tab structure, and a streamlined event creation screen. Finally, event and calendar colors have been updated to match the "modern" color set found in Google Calendar.

To learn how to toggle on and off the new calendar UI, visit our knowledge base.

gPanel Calendar UI Update Feature Image 

Who’s Impacted 

Admins and end users


Why It’s Important 

One of the most common requests we receive from current gPanel users is to improve the platform's user experience and to make it easier to find and take certain actions.

We began our UI enhancement project, also known as "V2," by updating the user management module. These changes to the calendar tools mark the second phase of our V2 UI updates. 

The new user experience will allow us to build more modern-looking features into gPanel as well as make the application faster, more responsive, and include new levels of functionality we weren't previously able to provide.


Rollout Pace 

  • Deployed across the gPanel platform on April 2, 2024.


  • Available to gPanel Starter, Standard, and Enterprise customers.