Admin Alert Emails, Bulk Operations & Resource Calendar Sharing Bug Fixes & Groups Updates

gPanel® Platform Updates


Bug Fixes

Admin alert emails

  • Fixed an issue where the gPanel logo in alert emails was not working.

Tools > Bulk Operations

  • Fixed an issue where the suspend users bulk operation was not running completely and returning errors. This bulk operation can now be run without issue.

Calendars > Resource Calendars > Sharing

  • Fixed an issue that occurred when adding a user to a calendar. The calendar did not show up until the user was removed and then added again. Users can now be added to calendars without issue. 


Directory > Groups

  • Groups now have their own unique, direct link within the User Portal side of gPanel. When you open a group in gPanel, the URL is unique to that group and can be sent to anyone in the user role in your organization to access that specific group.