What is the Google Jamboard?

What is Jamboard?

You love Google, you love Chrome, you love Google Workspace, and now you're going to love the Jamboard—but what is it? Say goodbye to traditional white boards, dried out markers, and messy erasers. The Jamboard creates a seamless collaborative experience for schools and businesses alike. The Google Jamboard is a 55-inch digital whiteboard that utilizes Google Workspace services for real-time collaboration. Everyone has had to write on the board in class at some point in their lives, but with Jamboard that writing can go out across the world. With the included stylus and eraser you can write, draw, and even turn sketches into polished images with the help of image recognition technology. Jamboard also has image and web-search functionality with the Google search engine. It also has the ability to add Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides into your jams.

Seamless Saving and Sharing

Your ideas will never be erased away like a traditional whiteboard. Jamboard makes it easy to save and share you work. All your work on a Jamboard saves to Google Drive so you can simply share with your team and pick up right where you left off. 

Designed for Enterprise

Think the Google Jamboard is solely designed for education environments? Think again. The Google Jamboard is an excellent office companion and is designed for enterprise environments as well. The built in HD camera, microphone, and speakers allow you to have Google Meet video meetings. You can also share the Jamboard screen with everyone on the Hangout. Collaboration doesn’t stop at the Jamboard! Built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, HDMI, and Google Cast offer more ways for Jamboard to interact with the other devices you rely on. You can create, edit, and share jams from your phone, tablet, and computer with up to 50 people at once. Multiple Jamboards can work together, creating a shared collaborative space for distributed teams.

Interested in Google Jamboard?

Jamboard is available for purchase for Google Workspace customers from Promevo. Promevo also offers Jamboard delivery and white glove basic installation so you don't have to worry about setting everything up on your own.

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