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Google Workspace Takes the Crown for Royal Thai

Royal Thai has been designing and manufacturing carpets for high-end hospitality spaces across the globe for the past 50 years. Royal Thai partners with a wide variety of artists from around the world to offer a multicultural perspective and offer an extensive design library to choose from.


The Challenge

Randall Corn, IT Manager at Royal Thai Americas, has been with the company since its inception in 2017. Royal Thai Americas was a branch of Tai Ping carpets that was incorporated into its own organization.

Branching off from Tai Ping Carpets proved to be a long process in terms of data migration. Corn was responsible for migrating all data to the new company domain. “It took months to do — months and months — because of the sheer amount of data we had,” Corn explained.

Prior to Google Workspace, the company was using Microsoft. Once they switched to Google, there was no turning back. Corn disliked his experience with Microsoft so much that he refused to use it again. “[If Royal Thai had been stuck with Microsoft,] I probably would’ve turned in my resignation,” Corn explained, “Using anything else would’ve been a chore.”


The Solution

Royal Thai Americas has been using Google Workspace since the beginning. Promevo helped Royal Thai have a smooth transition to their new domain. The migration process took a few months due to the amount of data that they had.

“[Workspace] has worked better than any other system I’ve ever tried,” said Corn. They have around 400 users on Google Workspace Enterprise Standard. Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, Chat, and Drive are some of the most frequently used features among Royal Thai’s users. Corn says security is a highly valuable feature of Google Workspace for the company.

Additionally, the advanced features of Google Meet, like recording meetings, were incredibly valuable during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“If they don’t have the feature immediately, Google is pretty much always going to add it in,” Corn mentioned as one of his highlights. Corn’s advice for anyone considering switching to Google solutions is to not be afraid to ask for help. “That’s what [Promevo] was great at — especially helping us get the cost down.” 


The Results

  • Smooth transition to Google Workspace
  • Increased collaboration between 400+ employees
  • Increased data security


"Promevo has been great about answering anything, anytime."

- Randall Corn, IT Manager at Royal Thai



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