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How Echelon Management Saw Increased Productivity, Uptime & Security with Google Workspace

Echelon Management works with owners who want to grow their company and increase its valuation, and they work with leaders who want to improve individual and organizational performance. They work with their clients in a variety of different ways from strategic thinking exercises, down to sales and marketing innovation.

The Echelon Management team has a unique setup. Faust described their team as a virtual team, as they are all individual consultants with their own practices. Due to their virtual setup, Echelon Management needed a solution that was secure, increased productivity, and had a high uptime.


Life Before Google Workspace

Mark Faust, the founder and CEO of Echelon Management has been using Google Workspace for about 12 years. “The peace of mind, increase in productivity, and collaboration ability of Google Workspace is unparalleled,” Faust says. Each person on the Echelon Management team uses Google Workspace and utilizes collaboration apps like Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and more. 

Before Google Workspace, Faust experienced challenges when it came to synchronizing information amongst the team as well as with his clients. It was a burden to have to synchronize data from his laptop to his desktop and backup drives.

On top of that, trying to find an email or a document across laptops, desktops, and backup drives was a huge strain. The time it took to backup and dig for data took away from the company’s number one goal: helping clients succeed. One of the most valuable things that Google Workspace did for Echelon Management was give them their time back.

“Google Workspace frees up a whole chunk of time and enables flexibility of working,” Faust says. Faust is now able to search for important emails or documents on the fly and pull them up in seconds. “Everything you’ve ever owned is deep down under the ground or up in the clouds, so to speak, but it's still there for you to grab if you ever need it. It’s the best of both worlds,” he says. 

Along with wasting time, every company’s biggest fear is their data getting into the wrong hands. Google Workspace runs on the same secure infrastructure and built-in protection that Google uses.

Google’s robust global infrastructure, along with dedicated security professionals, enables the ability to stay ahead of the curve and offer a highly secure, reliable, and compliant environment. “You know it’s not going to fail. It’s safe and well backed up,” says Faust. This peace of mind is incredibly valuable.

The ease of collaboration that comes with Google Workspace is especially valuable to Echelon Management. Faust says that he brings almost every one of his clients onto documents to work together. It’s simple for his clients to make changes on the document.

“I watch other clients fumble and wait with the other products,” he says. The foundation of Google Workspace is collaboration and new innovations are continuing to make collaboration more fluid, seamless, and efficient.

Google Workspace’s collaboration abilities alleviate the pain of sending documents back and forth or making changes to the wrong version of a document. Being able to collaborate on a document with anyone, anywhere is a game changer, especially for a mostly virtual team.


Echelon Management & Promevo

Echelon Management has been with Promevo since 2015. When it came to choosing a Google partner, Faust was looking for someone close to home that he could feel close to.

“I wanted somebody in my backyard,” he says, “I feel closer and more supported by the staff, and consistently every year, throughout the year, I have people reaching out just to make sure everything is running tip-top.”

Faust has also utilized the Promevo support team many times and says “I’ve never felt like the answer wasn’t quickly forthcoming, and the fix didn’t get almost immediately put in.” Echelon Management has seen productivity and profits improve by partnering with Promevo and Google Workspace.


Advice for Google Converts

With the peace of mind, ease of collaboration, and security that Google Workspace provides, Faust believes it is essential for any company.

Echelon Management has increased productivity and collaboration with Google Workspace. They’ve also gained peace of mind knowing their data is secure and backed up in the cloud.

Most importantly, they’ve been able to free up more of their time to be able to focus on what’s really important. When asked what advice he has for a company considering the switch to Google Workspace, Faust said, “It hits the bottom line. You’ve got to focus on what you do best, focus on your netting, and delegate the rest. You can increase productivity, uptime, and security...then hire you guys [Promevo] and then from there watch productivity and profits improve.”


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