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How Google Cloud Empowers the Wearable Tech Innovators at Safewave Technology

At Promevo, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with custom solutions tailored to their unique business needs. Whether it’s our advisory workshops, workflow management tools, or support from our Google-Certified Engineer team, we're driven to develop end-to-end solutions specifically designed for our valued partners. 

Take a look at how Promevo’s best-in-class digital solutions supported wearable tech innovators Safewave Technology on their journey to success.
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About Safewave Technology

Safewave Technology makes easy-to-use wearable technology to assist the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities with receiving mobile notifications.

Their flagship product, the Safewave BandTM, is the World’s First & Only Smart Notification WristbandTM. The band enhances safety and quality of life for deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals by altering the wearer of specific notifications through gentle vibrations. This gives users greater control over their phone notifications and peace of mind knowing they aren’t missing important communications. 

The Safewave BandTM connects to a phone or mobile device via Bluetooth. It can even be configured to receive notifications from baby monitors, security systems, alarms, and more.

When the user receives a notification, the band alerts the user through gentle vibration powered by miniature motors within the product. 


The Challenge

Safewave had a unique challenge with their product. 

As a connected wearable technology, the Safewave BandTM had to be equipped with software capabilities on par with the best wearables on the market. Not to mention, this solution had to be tailored specifically to deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals. 

Safewave needed a cross-platform mobile app that could reliably perform two key functions:

  • The ability to determine which apps are relevant to the user
  • Adjustable vibration settings for each app that can be easily configured 

The Safewave App we were challenged to develop would have to act like a filter to help the band differentiate between important notifications. The band needed to connect to mobile devices via Bluetooth and receive notifications from apps but also needed to alter users.

So, in addition to receiving notifications, we also needed to determine exactly what kind of haptic feedback the user should receive. Vibration settings needed to be adjustable so users could recognize different types of alerts without the need for an audible notification.


Our Solution

Leveraging our expertise, we delivered a custom app written in Flutter to enable cross-platform support for Android and iOS devices. To provide user identity assurance, we used Firebase Authentication to verify users with traditional email/password authentication and Google SSO.

On the backend, Firestore was used as a service to save user information, including selected apps and the particular vibration setting for each app. We also created a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) storage bucket for image hosting purposes. 

Altogether, our solution skyrocketed the digital capabilities and functionality of Safewave’s incredible product. Our development team was able to create a full-fledged app for this wearable technology in under eight weeks.

Technology Used (Google Products)

  • Firebase Authentication
  • Google SSO
  • Firestore
  • GCP Storage Bucket for Image Hosting

Our nimble development process gave Safewave the edge they needed to focus on their growth as a startup. Without the constraints of engineering their own proprietary software solution, Safewave was able to dedicate more time to perfecting their wearable hardware and refining their brand.

If you want to accelerate the growth of your company, Promevo has the Google solutions you need. Trust us to be your guide.


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