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The Century Foundation Is Moving Forward With the Help of Google Workspace

The Century Foundation is a progressive, independent think tank that conducts research, develops solutions, and drives policy change to make people’s lives better.

They pursue economic, racial, and gender equity in education, health care, and work, and promote U.S. foreign policy that fosters international cooperation, peace, and security.


The Challenge

John Baronian, Director of Technology at The Century Foundation, was looking for a solution that would help the organization progress as a whole.

They wanted to move faster and smarter in their work. It was important to find a solution that allowed the organization’s employees to collaborate efficiently and effectively as the collaboration functionality was nearly non-existent with their previous solution.

Additionally, as a non-profit organization The Century Foundation needed a solution that would fit within their budget while still providing valuable features. Baronian is the only member of the organization’s IT department so, as one can imagine, he has a lot on his plate. Baronian wanted a partner that could solve his problems and support him no matter what.


The Solution

Baronian moved the organization to Google Workspace about 10 years ago.

“Google Workspace became our everything,” Baronian says, “With Google Workspace, you have an environment that is quite rich and it’s constantly getting better.” In terms of cost savings in comparison to other solutions, Baronian says, “The price savings that you have as a result of not having to work with Office 365 is incredible.”

The Century Foundation is using the Google Workspace Business Plus edition and Baronian says, “Although we’re a non-profit, I’m willing to spend the extra money to use the Business edition. The advantages that you get are incredible and well worth it.”

Another huge benefit of Google Workspace for The Century Foundation is the security. As a public policy foundation, it’s vital to protect information and know that it’s secure. On security, Baronian says “I can set up two-factor authentication quite easily and that immediately sets up a layer of security...it’s really quite remarkable how good Google Workspace is right now.”


The Results

  • Increased productivity and collaboration
  • Saved money compared to previous solution
  • Advanced data security

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